Starfield: Phil Spencer Has Explored The RPG For 200 Hours

"It's More Like Oblivion Than Skyrim!"

Gamescom has been a treat for Xbox fans. In addition to the gaming giant’s biggest booth at the event, Xbox has conducted several interviews and revealed more details about Starfield.

Phil Spencer has also been active at Gamescom, using every opportunity to share his thoughts and experiences with the media. One such interview reveals that the Xbox boss has already had extensive hands-on time with Starfield.

According to an interview, Phil Spencer has spent 200 hours in the RPG.

Why it matters: Phil Spencer appears to have been involved in Starfield through various stages of development, highlighting his commitment to Xbox and releasing quality games for the platform.

Speaking to IGN, Phil Spencer discussed the air of excitement around Bethesda Game Studios’ upcoming RPG. He said:

“I’m on my 15th playthrough and probably 200 hours in.”

Despite having spent over 200 hours in the world of Starfield, Phil Spencer has yet to finish the game.

He explained that his playtime was divided across various builds and iterations since November, leading to about 13-15 hours of playtime during each of the 15 playthroughs.

The fact that the game has seen several updates was already highlighted in the v1.6.35.0 launch build, leading to speculation about the incredible levels of polish that went into this first-party Xbox release.

During the interview, Phil Spencer also compared the game to Bethesda Game Studios’ Elder Scrolls franchise. He believes Oblivion is a better comparison for Starfield than Skyrim.

Xbox Starfield

Concluding the interview, the Xbox CEO had more positive words for Starfield and said:

“It is an epic, epic game.”

With Gamescom nearing its end, Starfield is almost ready to be released.

Last week, Bethesda Game Studios confirmed the game had gone gold, and review codes had been sent out. The media will offer its final verdict on the game in less than a full week, leading into the early access period on September 1.

A few days later, the RPG will be out for all players worldwide, leading to an exciting week ahead for fans of Bethesda Game Studios.

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Bawal Zehri
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