Starfield May Run At 30 FPS On Xbox Series X|S At Launch

Skipping Performance Mode?

After multiple delays and years of development, the highly anticipated sci-fi RPG game, Starfield, will launch on September 6 this year exclusively for Xbox Series X|S and PC.

Microsoft has revealed plenty of information on the game, including an extended gameplay video and an upcoming Starfield direct. However, it is speculated that Starfield may lack a performance mode on the Xbox Series X|S consoles.

Previously, Todd Howard mentioned that they delayed Starfield to polish the game even further, despite it being in a completely playable state. However, Starfield may also follow in Redfall’s footsteps and skip a 60 FPS performance mode at launch.

Previously, in an episode of the Lex Podcast, Todd Howard made an appearance where he talked about multiple Xbox exclusives, including Starfield. Howard said that he believes 30 FPS for Bethesda games is fine as long as they look impressive.


He said:

“We are okay with 30 frames per second as long as it looks really good and the simulation is running and all of those things.” 

This implies that Starfield may skip a 60 FPS performance mode at launch. It is unknown if Microsoft has planned a 60 FPS performance mode for the game later via an update, but we hope to see confirmation before release.

Previously, a marketing member of Microsoft stated that the Xbox Series X|S has a standard output of 60 FPS, and the architecture enables them to push this limit up to 120 FPS.

However, it was later clarified that this would be on a case-by-case basis, with developers having the option to pick modes.


Following Redfall’s announcement, Xbox fans and insiders have also started to lean toward the possibility of a 30 FPS cap for Starfield. This, coupled with the lack of a performance mode conversation for Starfield, might be a solid hint toward the frame rate target for Starfield on Xbox Series S|X.

Aside from Redfall, Gotham Knights has previously received backlash from fans because it is limited to 30 FPS only. Many fans are currently asking for a delay to Redfall if the game is limited to a 30 FPS mode only.

It should be noted that this is speculation based on solid hints from the past, as nothing is confirmed. Starfield may or may not receive a 60 FPS Performance mode at launch. It is also possible that Bethesda Game Studios could work on a post-launch performance update similar to Redfall.

A Starfield Direct will be premiering on June 11, so we hope to see more gameplay information about the game soon. Aside from the worries about performance, Starfield is looking to be a solid game, with playtesters impressed by the game’s scope.

The game is said to feature over 1000 planets and is currently the most wish-listed game on Steam. Would you play Starfield at 30 FPS? Would you rather wait for a 60 FPS patch? Let us know in the comments down below.

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