90% of Starfield Planets Will Not Have Any Life on Them

Around 100 of 1000 Planets Will Have Life!

Starfield is the latest and biggest game from Bethesda Game Studios. The developer’s new IP boasts 1000 planets, offering plenty of content for players to explore as they travel through the sci-fi universe.

However, this large number of planets means that Bethesda Game Studios has heavily relied on procedural generation for Starfield. This has also led to concerns about empty planets, but Director Todd Howard has recently elaborated on the planets.

According to the Director, 10% of planets in the game will have life on them.

Why it matters: Starfield’s size has always led to concerns about the quality of each location. Players have high expectations from Bethesda Game Studios, and many hope that each location will have meaningful content to offer.

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Starfield Director Todd Howard was recently interviewed on Kinda Funny Xcast. When asked about the planets, he said:

“About 10 percent of those planets have life on them.”

This means nearly 100 planets will offer unique creatures and inhabitants for players to discover.

However, some might be disappointed with this number. While Bethesda Game Studios has likely included plenty of diverse creatures in the 100 planets, users might not come across them very often.

Still, some fans may enjoy the feeling of isolation on the empty planets in Starfield. When players come across locations without life and inhabitants, they could be unique experiences for them.

Todd Howard also clarified that procedurally generated planets in Starfield have several hand-crafted elements. While this does not apply to each planet, the developers have ensured that players will enjoy each location. 

Starfield is slated to release on September 6. Months before release, the game climbed to the top of Steam’s best-sellers, highlighting the massive wave of anticipation for Bethesda’s new IP.

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