Starfield Fans Planning To Skip Work To Enjoy Game At Launch

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Booking Holidays In Advance For Starfield!

Following the recent Starfield Direct, Bethesda Game Studios has shown much to look forward to. Promising a thousand planets, deep-RPG mechanics, and the most polished Bethesda release, fans worldwide are excited about the developer’s new IP.

With Bethesda games like The Elder Scrolls 5 selling 60 million copies, Starfield has millions of fans excited. The game is set to release on September 6, and fans have already begun to discuss time off for the game’s release.

Why it matters: A game’s launch is always exciting for fans who have been waiting for several years. Since everything is brand new and fresh, players can share their experiences and learn about each detail in the title.

Starfield Time Off Holidays
Source: Reddit

A Reddit thread has been created by u/thebutler97. The user has taken a week off from work, expressing no regrets about the decision. The post asks about other Redditors who have done the same, and the replies have confirmed that u/thebutler97 is not alone.

One user has reserved a holiday for Friday and Tuesday. Combined with the Labor Day holiday on September 4, this will allow the user to enjoy the game for five days without any interruptions.

It should be noted that Starfield fans can enjoy the game one week before the official September 6 release. However, this requires preordering the Premium or Constellation Edition.

Starfield Time Off Holidays
Source: Reddit

Some Starfield enthusiasts have also scheduled two weeks off from work. Others have been lectured by their boss, but the excitement around the game’s launch means that the exchange has been worth it for them.

In addition to users skipping work, students in the thread claim they will resort to the classic sickness excuse on launch day. This is something that many gaming enthusiasts have done at one point or another.

With Starfield releasing in September, marketing for the game is also in full swing. Recently, AMD announced a bundle, allowing new AMD CPU and GPU buyers to gain access to the title.

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