Star Wars Outlaws Will Not Be Available On Steam At Launch

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Limited To Ubisoft Connect On PC!

Star Wars Outlaws comes with an expansive open world. With the team behind The Division leading development, the latest Star Wars title will be released in 2024.

The game will be arriving on consoles and PC, but Ubisoft’s official website has revealed concerning information about the game’s platforms. According to Ubisoft, Star Wars Outlaws will not be coming on Steam or Epic Games Store.

Why it matters: Steam is the biggest PC gaming storefront, and fans have built their libraries on Steam for several years.

Star Wars Outlaws
Source: Ubisoft

The latest Star Wars title will be exclusive to Ubisoft Connect, the gaming giant’s launcher on PC.

This might be disappointing for PC users anticipating the game. Ubisoft has been known to skip Steam and Epic Games Store for recent games. However, these games usually make it to the platform after release.

The Division 2 was released on Steam in 2023. While the game launched in 2019, Steam users had to wait several years for the title. However, The Division 2 was already available on Epic Games Store.

Nonetheless, Star Wars Outlaws could follow a similar trend, but fans are hoping that it will not take as long.

Ubisoft is not too fond of the 30% cut for Steam on purchases. This is likely why the gaming giant has decided to skip the platform, hoping to bring customers to Ubisoft Connect.

Star Wars Outlaws introduces Kay Vess and boasts a large open world. Massive Entertainment claims it is the first open-world Star Wars game, leading to exciting possibilities for the title.

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