GTA: San Andreas Looks Fascinating With Path Tracing Thanks To NVIDIA RTX Remix

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Games have evolved a lot since this new type of leisure settled in our society and went from being considered niche to precisely the opposite. Millions worldwide know and play different video games from dozens of genres. 

Though few have become as recognized as Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, now, thanks to NVIDIA RTX Remix, modders have improved GTA San Andreas’s graphics with Path Tracing.

People use emulation to play nostalgic games, but the emulated games don’t bring many more graphics changes. However, this changed as Nvidia Released its RTX Remix. Through this, old games can be played with improved graphics.

YouTube video

As we can see in the video, RTX Remix is even better than the Remastered version of the game. We can see quite an improvement in the game’s graphics. Path Tracing in GTA San Andreas shows that shading is generated on vehicles, objects, and people, which did not exist in the original game.

In addition, the lighting in the game is much better; the city is illuminated with hundreds of streetlights. Path Tracing makes a huge difference, even in such an old game.

The mod is still developing, as the video shows some graphical errors. It is developed from RTX Remix Runtime. So it will get better when RTX Remix Creator Tool releases.

You can download this Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas mod from this website. Fortunately, the mod’s creator ensures it is fully compatible with other mods.

This is where things get interesting because, as we saw in the video, we can combine RTX Remix with mods like RoSA Evolved, which adds HD textures to the game. GTA San Andreas takes a significant leap in quality by combining Path Tracing with that mod. Now imagine the possibilities you have by adding different mods to improve the game more and more.

Share your thoughts below in the comment section about GTA: San Andreas with Path Tracing and which game you want to see with the impressive NVIDIA RTX Remix treatment. 

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