Spider-Man 3: Insider Hints At Multiplayer For Insomniac’s Future Game

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Canceled Game Could Be Reworked For Spider-Man 3!

Story Highlights
  • An insider suggests the Spider-Man multiplayer game, while canceled, might not be gone for good.
  • It could see the light of the day in another form.
  • One major possibility is Insomniac reworking the game as part of Spider-Man 3.

In addition to leaks about Marvel’s Wolverine, an X-Men game, and more, Insomniac’s multiplayer ambitions for Spider-Man were recently revealed.

After the internal Spider-Man: The Great Web trailer surfaced on the internet, a new report suggests the company could be interested in another similar project. Therefore, all hope is not lost.

Why it matters: The Great Web looked excellent from the leaked trailers. It felt like a huge missed opportunity that the studio canceled it, so this rumor holds weight for fans anticipating this type of game.

Insider Silknigth, who previously leaked the release date of Ghost of Tsushima on PC, has claimed the canceled Spider-Man multiplayer project may still be released, whether it be under the same name or as a different title.

The insider states that games go through different phases during development, and saying that an unannounced project has been canceled is not entirely accurate. He expects it to become a part of something else.

While this is not definitive evidence, the fact that this insider went out of his way to comment on the matter suggests that something is being planned by the developer.

Perhaps Spider-Man 3 could come with an optional multiplayer element pitched as its selling point. This was already a highly requested feature for Spider-Man 2, so it would be a welcome addition.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2
Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Introduces Venom To Insomniac’s Series

The idea that the multiplayer title could still see the light of the day is very exciting. The prospect of multiple Spider-Men swinging around a map and fighting foes sounds fun, in theory, and we would love to see it happen.

The leaked trailer hinted that the title would take a live service approach and feature a 5-player co-op. It also highlighted Venom, Spider-Gwen, and other playable characters.

Insomniac might even be encouraged to explore this concept again after recent reactions. Nearly everyone wants to see the studio taking another shot at this concept, even if it comes as an extra mode in a mainline release.

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