PS5 Pro Expected To Offer 50% Performance Boost Over Base Console

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2-4x Boost To Ray Tracing Performance!

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  • According to new leaks, the PS5 Pro is set to offer up to 50% better performance than the base PS5.
  • Ray tracing performance could be up to 4x better.
  • Sony is reportedly introducing the PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution upscaling with this console.

The whispers of a PS5 Pro are growing louder as new leaks about the potential specs have surfaced online. This upgrade to the already beloved console is said to amp up performance big time.

As per a recent leak by Moore’s Law is Dead, the PS5 Pro will deliver a 50% increase in performance compared to the regular console.

Why it matters: The PS5 Pro is expected to be ready for GTA 6’s release, making its hardware specifications more enticing.

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This performance increase means games will run smoother, look better, and might even offer more immersive VR adventures. The leak hints at a stronger GPU that could render graphics 45-50% faster and handle ray tracing up to 4x faster as opposed to past rumors of a 2x boost.

Ray tracing, which makes visuals look ultra-realistic by simulating light effects, is a big deal for creating lifelike game worlds. With improvements in this area, gamers can expect even more stunning in-game environments.

Moore’s Law is Dead states the PS5 will offer a unique design aimed at enhancing machine learning and AI capabilities. The custom machine learning architecture is rumored to support 300 TOPS of 8-bit computation.

Moreover, this leak reaffirms Sony’s rumored upscaling technology. According to this report, it is dubbed the PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution (PSSR). This tech is a souped-up version of Temporal Anti-Aliasing, potentially giving better image quality in games.

PS5 Pro Leak
PS5 Pro Details via Morre’s Law is Dead

According to this leak, PlayStation’s upscaling technology is similar to Nvidia’s DLSS and is capable of upscaling up to 4K.

Therefore, the release of a PS5 Pro with rumored specs could draw in gamers who have never been into console gaming thanks to its boosted performance. Analysts also predict that Sony is ramping up the production of PS5 Pro.

GTA 6 is expected to be the biggest launch of the decade, and gamers might buy into the hype for PS5 Pro to play the game on day one. 

Overall, the PS5 Pro is shaping up to be an impressive upgrade. The performance should be a major step up since many games are already beginning to highlight the downsides of the 2020 hardware in the base console.

With the added benefit of AI technology, the PS5 Pro might kick off a new level of console gaming.

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