The gaming industry has been moving in a very different direction. Microsoft has changed the playing field with Game Pass. It seems like studio acquisitions are the trend these days. Initially started by Microsoft, Sony has also recently acquired some studios to expand their first-party catalog. Over the past week, rumors about another Sony acquisition have been picking up pace. Industry insiders like Jeff Grub and Greg Miller have also reported on the rumors, adding more fuel.

We now have some more information regarding the possible acquisition. According to trusted sources of blacksportsonline, Sony’s acquisition will not fall under US jurisdiction.

This is important because the recent deal between Xbox and Activision has fallen victim to government interference. At $68.7 million, the agreement between the two is far too big for the authorities to ignore. While Sony’s acquisition will by no means be a small deal, it will not come close in terms of finances to the Xbox deal and will therefore be safe from government policies.

Furthermore, the source has also reported that Sony will indeed be obtaining studios. Previously we reported on a possible Japanese studio joining Sony’s first-party team, and this gives even more credence to that report. 

BlackSport’s source also stated that the soon-to-be-bought studio has previously worked with Sony on exclusive titles. Though this doesn’t help us narrow down possibilities, it hints toward the previously rumored studios. Developers like FromSoftware have worked on Bloodborne and Demon’s Souls, exclusive to Sony consoles, while Square Enix and Sega also have a few PlayStation exclusives. 

Sony Playstation Japanese US Acquisition
The image shows Playstation exclusives from FromSoftware.

Both Microsoft and Sony have been busy expanding the number of their first-party studios. Microsoft has big names like Bethesda, Ninja Theory, and Playground Games on their list, while Sony has recently obtained the likes of Bungie and Haven Studios. Both studios have spent millions of dollars on these acquisitions in recent times. While Microsoft has the financial advantage, PlayStation has an edge with its relationships with Japanese developers. 

It is no surprise that PlayStation has always been the favorite for Japanese games. Therefore, it makes sense that Sony would eventually use this to their advantage. With more and more studios being bought by the two giants, consumers on both platforms can expect numerous games in the coming years. However, exclusive games have always been a topic of contention. Many are against the practice of splitting player bases, and the recent acquisitions will inevitably do just that. This new trend could force people to buy every console to make sure they don’t miss out on great games, but hopefully, investments like these will lead to quality releases for the foreseeable future. 

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