Sony No Longer Advertising PS5 As 8K Gaming Console

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Updated Packaging To Remove Mention of 8K!

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  • Sony advertised 8K support for the PS5 at release.
  • According to reports, the gaming giant has changed the packaging to remove this logo.
  • It is speculated that this change was made due to the PS5 Pro.

Sony was proud to announce everything new about the PS5 in 2020. The gaming giant introduced a brand new PCIe 4.0 SSD for the hardware, and new features like ray tracing were introduced to a PlayStation console for the first time.

Sony mainly advertised the console for 4K gaming but went one step ahead and even included 8K support on the packaging. Over the years, it has become clear that the latter is impossible, so Sony seems to have stepped away from this claim.

Why it matters: 8K gaming is still more or less impossible to achieve, even for gaming PCs that cost twice or 3x as much as the PS5.

PS5 8K Gaming
PS5’s Updated Packaging via Twitter

As reported by Digital Foundry’s John Linneman, the PS5’s packaging seems to have been updated. Sony has quietly removed the 8K logo from the box, advertising a more realistic target for the console now.

For the unaware, the PS5 technically supports 8K gaming. However, compared to the thousands of games available for the hardware, only one can run at 8K, while the rest even struggle to achieve 4K targets. For those wondering, The Touryst renders an 8K image on Sony’s latest hardware.

Most games on the PS5 run between 1080p and 1440p. These resolution targets can vary, and upscaling also plays a role. For instance, Final Fantasy 16 renders below 1080p to aim for 60FPS. Ultimately, calling the PS5 a 4K console can also be a stretch in many cases.

Following the discovery, fans speculate that Sony’s updated packaging is yet another sign of the PS5 Pro. Since PSSR was said to target 8K through upscaling at the highest end, this advertisement may now be used exclusively for the mid-gen refresh coming in 2024.

PlayStation 5 Slim
Over 50 Million Gamers Have Bought The PS5 To Date

Sony is expected to unveil the new hardware at a big showcase later this year, so fans should stay tuned till then.

The PS5 has already received one major hardware revision. Therefore, it seems odd that Sony has decided to update the packaging suddenly instead of using the PS5 Slim as an opportunity to remove the 8K advertising.

Anyhow, this small detail won’t impact the gaming experience. The PS5 is still quite capable and should continue to provide excellent experiences for several more years.

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