Sony’s Exclusivity Deal Excludes Final Fantasy 7 and Silent Hill 2 Remake For Xbox Consoles

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Microsoft Claims That Sony Preventing Games From Coming To Xbox!

The back and forth between Microsoft and regulators continue to produce new and exciting information for the gaming industry. Recently, it was revealed that 75% of the public favored Microsoft in CMA’s recent document. 

Microsoft’s response to the CMA has revealed another bit of information that could help swing the situation in the company’s favor. Microsoft claims that Sony has signed exclusivity deals for games like Final Fantasy 7 Remake that require excluding the Xbox platform.

PlayStation Third Party Content Microsoft
Source: Microsoft CMA Document

Third-party exclusivity is no new concept in the gaming industry. PlayStation and Microsoft have shown several examples of this partnership with certain developers in the past, but the industry seems more favorable towards PlayStation in recent years.

However, third-party exclusives are usually limited to a particular time. Games like Shadow of The Tomb Raider and Deathloop were timed console exclusives but eventually made their way onto other platforms.

Microsoft’s recent claim means that titles like Final Fantasy 7 Remake and the recently announced Silent Hill 2 Remake will never be on Xbox consoles unless Sony agrees. While Xbox is usually a more Western-centric platform, many users will inevitably miss out on these great titles due to these agreements. 

Furthermore, this makes the Xbox case look much better than before. PlayStation’s role in preventing games from the Xbox platform contradicts many of the company’s recent arguments. 

Microsoft has also included Bloodborne in the third-party exclusive games list. Unlike Final Fantasy and Silent Hill, Sony owns the rights to the Bloodborne IP, and it makes sense that the game would be exclusive to PlayStation. 

Final Fantasy 7

Final Fantasy 7 Remake was among the most anticipated games of the last generation. The upcoming Silent Hil 2 Remake also looks extremely promising, but Xbox users might never get a chance to play these games on their platform of choice.

What do you think about Sony’s exclusivity deal? Do you think the acquisition will succeed? Let’s discuss this in the comments.

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