CMA Inquiry States That 75% Of The Public Is In Favor Of Activision’s Acquisition

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Finally, Good News For Microsoft!

Microsoft’s latest acquisition has proven to be a much greater challenge than anybody had imagined. The company is no stranger to gaming acquisitions, but regulators have not been easy on Microsoft’s Activision merger.

It was recently reported that Microsoft was going to court against the FTC. A few weeks later, a group of gamers also filed a lawsuit against the gaming giant. While the situation appears grim, some good news has finally come out for Microsoft.

As spotted by Emopulse, CMA’s most recent document states that 75% of public responses are in favor of Microsoft’s acquisition. 

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Source: CMA

The document shows a landslide victory for Microsoft, with only 25% voting against the $68.7 Billion acquisition in this instance. Additionally, the CMA has listed various points from both sides of the argument, reviewing the responses received.

Previously discussed points, like Microsoft’s continued promises to keep Call of Duty multi-platform, were highlighted by many users. On the other hand, critical responses continue to point to games like Starfield that were made exclusive to Xbox consoles after Microsoft acquired Bethesda Studios. 

Gamers can expect to see more news about the Activision Blizzard merger in the coming days. Countries like Serbia have already approved the deal, but authorities like the CMA and FTC are being very cautious about their decision.

Do you believe Microsoft will be successful? Are you looking forward to the final decision about the merger? Feel free to discuss below.

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