Sony Extremely Helpful In Porting Sea of Thieves To PS5, Says Producer

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Devs Have Nothing But Praise For Sony!

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  • The Sea of Thieves PlayStation 5 version will be launched on 30 April.
  • Rare’s Producer revealed that Sony has helped a lot in bringing the game to PS5.
  • The game’s offline mode will be introduced in the March update.

Sea of Thieves, a 6-year-old Xbox exclusive game, is finally coming to PlayStation 5. After several rumors, the game was officially announced for PS5 last month, and it has already become the most pre-ordered PlayStation title in various regions.

This shows that Xbox games can perform well on the PlayStation platform, and it appears Sony was already aware of this potential. The gaming giant has helped Rare translate the game to PS5, with the Sea of Thieves producer praising Sony as a helpful partner.

Why it matters: PlayStation and Xbox Series S|X are very different consoles in terms of architecture. Therefore, Sony’s help may have been crucial to a competent port.

Hi-Fi Rush Sea of Thieves
Hi-Fi Rush & Sea of Thieves Are The Biggest Xbox Games Going To PlayStation

Speaking to The Guardian, producer Joe Neate discussed the process of bringing the game over to the PS5.

Sony itself has been extremely helpful. 

-Joe Neate

He confirmed that Rare and Sony collaborated through catchup calls and meetings. Sony even shared its tech staff before the project was announced, making this transition smooth for Rare.

Since this is the first time Rare is creating a game for PlayStation, this feedback has been valuable to the team. The studio seems to have taken a liking to Sony’s leadership, with both working hard on Sea of Thieves.

This also means that the game will make full use of the PS5 and its features, including DualSense support.

sea of thieves
PlayStation Helped A Lot In Porting The Game To PS5

Season 11 of Sea of Thieves was worked on with the knowledge of porting the game to the PS5. The developer recently confirmed anti-cheat software to improve the overall experience, and all of these will be included in the PlayStation version at launch.

This version of the game will even support an offline mode, which will allow PlayStation and Xbox users to access the title without online subscriptions.

Both Rare and Sony appear to have worked well with each other for first-time collaborations. This will ensure the project lives up to expectations, accomplishing the goals Microsoft set out to achieve with its third-party push.

Aside from Sea of Thieves, Xbox is launching Hi-Fi Rush, Pentiment, and Grounded on the other platforms. If these releases end up successful, Microsoft could experiment with even more titles in the future.

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