Suicide Squad Price Now Cut by 40% After Second Big Discount

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Suicide Squad Was Major Disappointment For WB!

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  • Suicide Squad launched at $70 but is already discounted by 40% on Steam and 30% on Amazon for physical copies.
  • This is the second major discount for the game.
  • This price-drop strategy seems like an attempt to boost sales after the game failed to meet expectations.

Less than a month since hitting the shelves, Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League has been slashed in price by 40% on Steam. The price drop is unusual for high-budget games, which tend to keep their prices steady for longer after release.

Why it matters: Suicide Squad launched at the standard $70 price point for AAA titles, but it seems that wasn’t enough to entice a large enough player base.

Suicide Squad 40% Discount Steam
Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League 40% Discount via Steam.

Earlier this month, the game’s physical copies were discounted by 30% on Amazon. This “strategy” worked out and allowed the physical disc to get sold out on the platform.

Recent reviews for Suicide Squad have been mixed, with some praising the open-world gameplay and character abilities, while others criticized the repetitive missions and the live service elements that detracted from the experience.

Warner Bros. has even acknowledged the title’s performance as a “disappointment” after it failed to meet the sales expectations. Dropping the price might be a move to boost sales ahead of the first season launch, scheduled for later this month.

Looking at how Suicide Squad stacks up against other games like the Batman Arkham series gives us an interesting perspective on its performance. Last month, the game saw the player base drop to 500.

This was less than the entire Batman Arkham trilogy. Now, Suicide Squad has fewer or the same number of players as Gotham Knights, which is another controversial title from WB Games.

Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League
Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League is Having a Hard Time Maintaining Player Retention

This title includes ongoing updates and money-making tactics as part of its live service elements. Many players aren’t happy with these features, saying they take away from the main gameplay.

It’s worth mentioning that this isn’t the first time a big game has seen a big price cut shortly after hitting the market.

Games like Skull and Bones also had similar discounts within a few months of release, hinting at a trend where publishers find it challenging to keep players hooked on live service games.

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