God of War: Santa Monica Now Hiring For Next Game In Franchise

Another God of War Game In Works!

God of War Ragnarok was one of the biggest releases from last year, selling over 5.1 Million copies in the very first week of its release. The game also won several awards and ended up being nominated for the Game of The Year title at TGA 2022.

Though the latest installment in the God of War franchise was released just six months ago, it looks like Santa Monica is already hiring for another game in the popular franchise.

Why it matters: God of War is one of Sony’s biggest and most beloved franchises and has spanned thee console generations.

God Of War Job Listing
Source: Job Listing For Sr Combat Designer (Companions)

Santa Monica is currently hiring a Sr Combat Designer (Companions), and one of the requirements is asking for God of War knowledge; it states:

“Must have knowledge of God of War (2018) and God of War Ragnarök (2022).”

Additionally, the game also asks for knowledge on designing companion characters. God of War introduced Atreus as a companion character, with the recent entry also including characters like Freya as companions.

While the job listing does not specifically mention a new game, Santa Monica looking for someone with knowledge of the two recent God of War games seems to be convincing evidence for another entry in the popular series.

This could mean that the next game will continue to utilize the formula that took the franchise to new heights in 2018. However, the game could introduce new companions for Kratos.

The God of War Tv show was also confirmed to be coming on Amazon Prime Video soon. With HBO’s Last of Us setting a high bar, another PlayStation franchise may impress audiences on Tv.

Santa Monica has proven to be among the best developers of PlayStation. Despite being nearly two decades old, the God of War franchise has managed to keep audiences engaged with new characters, stories, and more.

A new entry holds a lot of potential, with the possibility of new realms to explore and new monsters to face off against. As such, fans will surely be excited as they wait for Kratos’ next epic adventure.

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