New Silent Hill Trailers Reportedly Ready To Be Revealed Soon

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Another Look At Silent Hill 2 Remake Soon!

Since Konami’s transmission back in October of 2022, where they gave fans a good insight into the Silent Hill franchise making a comeback, not much has been revealed regarding the development of the upcoming Silent Hill games.

However, new information appears to be coming soon as well-known leaker Dusk Golem recently claimed on Discord that he had seen new trailers for three of the upcoming Silent Hill games; Silent Hill 2 Remake, Townfall, and Ascension.

Why it matters: The horror genre has returned to popularity in 2023. Games like Dead Space Remake and Resident Evil 4 Remake have already been well received, and Silent Hill is expected to improve things further for the genre.

Silent Hill 2 Remake

Dusk Golem stated that the first trailer is going to be released very soon, before June, which is quite a bold claim since there are only four days remaining in May.

The leaker further highlighted a few details about the games. According to Dusk Golem, Silent Hill 2 Remake has great art direction, Silent Hill: Ascension looks very pleasing graphically, and Silent Hill: Townfall seems very interesting.

An exact date for the trailers is unknown, but Bloober Team’s president recently claimed that Silent Hill 2 Remake’s development is almost completed, so it might be the first of the games that Dusk Golem claims to be coming very soon.

There have also been rumors about Silent Hill: The Short Message being canceled. The game was recently removed from the Taiwanese Rating Board’s database, but the leaker claims that he is not sure about the game’s alleged cancelation.

Nonetheless, fans have been looking forward to more Silent Hill information, and it looks like Konami will not disappoint. The company has also recently brought back the Metal Gear Solid franchise, showing its intent to revisit older classics.

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