PS5 Sales In UK Were 60% Higher For The First 8 Months In 2023

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Compared to Similar Time Period In 2022!

The UK has been very welcoming to the PS5 since the end of the console shortages. PlayStation has recently introduced a range of promotions for the market, leading to steady sales over the last few months.

In July, the console had one of its best weeks of 2023 in the UK, following a 75% surge in sales. However, Sony is looking to sell over 25 million consoles by the end of the current fiscal year.

Therefore, the gaming giant has continued efforts to improve sales. Such measures include discounts, bundles, and special edition consoles, which appear to be working. According to a new report, the PS5 saw a 60% year-to-date increase in sales in the UK.

Why it matters: Jim Ryan from PlayStation has already outlined an optimistic goal of selling over 108 million consoles this generation, ensuring the PS5 hovers around similar figures as the PS4.

PS5 Sony PlayStation 5

As reported by Gamesindustry, PS5 sales have increased by 60% from last year.

The data compares the sales for the first 8 months from January to August between 2022 and 2023, highlighting that recent promotions and abundant supply have led to a positive impact on sales.

On the other hand, Nintendo and Xbox are struggling to outdo their performance from last year in the UK, with the Nintendo Switch down by 10% and the Xbox Series S|X down by nearly 23% year-to-date.

Unlike the PS5, the Nintendo and Xbox consoles were not too hard to obtain last year, likely being the major reason for the current downfall. The PS5 also has the benefit of an already established user base from the PS4, which has sold nearly 120 million units since 2013.

PlayStation 5 PS5

Compared to last month, the PS5 also saw an increase in sales. Sony sold 22% more consoles in the UK last month compared to July.

Nonetheless, this year has brought much-needed success for Sony as the pandemic proved difficult for the console manufacturer despite the boom in other areas like software and subscription sales.

PlayStation is expected to introduce another PS5 revision to the market soon, and upcoming games like Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will likely deliver the last major surge in PlayStation console sales before the end of 2023.

Therefore, the gaming giant appears to be headed toward another month of impressive sales in October.

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