The launch of the 9th generation of consoles was challenging for both manufacturers and customers. Since everyone had to stay inside due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a rise in the demand for consoles and computers, which the new releases couldn’t wholly satisfy due to the global supply shortage.

Things seemed to be fairly challenging for more than a year, but supply is gradually catching up. Even if the supply is greatly improved and the impacts of COVID-19 have subsided, many users still have trouble getting their hands on a new console.

The PlayStation 5, since its launch, has been a hot topic regarding supply issues because it seems like they suffered quite a bit while next-Gen Xbox consoles were fairly easy to find.

PlayStation 5

The availability of Xbox consoles during such difficult shutdown moments was previously explained by reports that Microsoft was paying for some chip priority that gave them the advantage and allowed them to suffer less than its competitors.

However, it appears like Sony is finally beginning to turn the corner as they are eventually resolving their supply shortages issue, which means Playstation 5 will be more widely available for consumers.

In an investor call, Sony CFO Hiroki Totoki stated;

“PlayStation 5 hardware production is now experiencing much less restriction from components supplies. In terms of production we have enough capacity. Lockdowns are being resolved, logistics lead time has not recovered prior level.”

Simply put, the CFO guarantees that the Playstation 5 supply is increasing significantly due to fewer co-opponent limits and the resolution of other concerns.

Furthermore, Sony’s CFO reaffirms his confidence in its ability to reach its 18 million unit sales forecast by the end of 2022.

“We Have Made No Change To Our 18 Million Units Forecast For PS5 (Units Sold) By FY22”

This is a significant figure considering that, as of June 30th, they had reportedly shipped 2.4 million units, bringing the PlayStation 5’s total lifetime sales to 21.7 Million units.

To reach their goals, Sony would need to average up to 400,000 sales, so they must have a very robust plan. The CFO was confident in his projection, and perhaps Sony was being held back by supply issues.

It should be noted that console sales often peak over the holiday season, so if the Playstation 5 supply issues are resolved by then, it might boost those sales.

Only time will tell if CFO can deliver on his promises, and maybe Sony can finally resolve their supply problems so that more customers will have the choice to at least buy a PlayStation 5, which previously appeared pretty challenging.

What are your thoughts? Do you think PS5 supply shortages will improve soon? Do you think Sony can hit its 18 million unit sales mark?

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