Both consumers and manufacturers had a difficult time with the introduction of the ninth generation of consoles. Demand for consoles and PCs increased as the world was forced to stay inside, and the new releases couldn’t quite meet the market demand.

For more than a year, things appeared to be quite difficult, but as demand declines, supply is now slowly catching up. Many users are still having trouble getting their hands on a new console, even if the supply is improving significantly and the effects of COVID have worn off.

Xbox Series consoles are typically considerably easier to purchase these days than PlayStation and Nintendo systems, proving that Xbox has clearly recovered the most in this area.

This may soon change, though, according to claims circulating online, which claim that when chip and component shortages lessen, more Playstation 5 units will be available. In other words, the PlayStation 5 (PS5) gaming system will ship in greater quantities in the second half of 2022 and 2023 as chip and component shortages lessen.

The initial source of this information is Digitimes, which claimed that Playstation chip and component shortages are significantly improving, leading to significantly higher Playstation shipments in the second half of 2022.

The second half of 2022 and 2023 should see an increase in PS5 supplies as component production has reportedly begun at full capacity. In other words, things are starting to return to normal, and the semiconductor industries are no longer in lockdown.

This is wonderful news because it had been pretty obvious that Playstation was suffering more than any other hardware amid the chip shortages. Additionally, the community felt that PS5 could have sold a lot more units if chip shortages hadn’t hampered the supply chain.

Additionally, we previously reported that Xbox this time around has been performing significantly better in terms of sales as compared to Playstation. This was due to a number of factors, including Microsoft’s aggressive marketing of Gamepass and the addition of many studios, but one of the main factors was that Playstations were hardly ever actually available for purchase, and people couldn’t get their hands on the hardware.

Moreover, We previously reported that Microsoft might be paying for chip priority, which would explain why their supply hasn’t been as affected as Sony and Nintendo’s.

However, it appears that the Playstation 5 might be able to overcome its supply chain issues and compete directly with Microsoft’s Xbox. Of course, the story cannot be confirmed, but it did originate from an industry insider.

Nevertheless, it is still reassuring to see that things are finally returning to normal because, regardless of which console might be preferable, having various options for console purchases is excellent.

What do you believe? Own a Playstation 5 yourself? Do you believe people should wait to get the Playstation 5, or is it worth it to buy it now?


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