The launch of the ninth generation of consoles has been rough for both consumers and manufacturers. As the world was forced to stay in, demand for consoles and PCs continued to soar, and the new releases weren’t quite able to live up to the market demand. While things seemed extremely rough for over a year, supply is slowly catching up as demand dies down.

Console availability is now the highest since release, but many consumers are still struggling to get their hands on a new console. Evidently, Xbox has recovered the most in this aspect, and Xbox Series consoles are usually much easier to find these days than PlayStation and Nintendo consoles.

Xbox Series Microsoft Paid Chips

Many consumers have been curious how Xbox has managed to keep supplies high when Sony and Nintendo have found it challenging. to do so. It seems like we may have just found the answer to that question. Industry insider Shpeshal_Nick has commented on the matter in the most recent XboxEra podcast:

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He explained that he got a DM last year claiming that Xbox would have a lot of stock shortly. Nick also said, Microsoft paid for chip priority at the factories, which is why we saw so much more, and are still seeing so much more Xbox stock“. The source’s claim from last year certainly came to fruition as Xbox Series S and X stock drops have become more plentiful over the last few months. Furthermore, Nick also noted that Microsoft managed to make Series X server blades and produced a limited edition Halo console despite the supposed chip shortages.

Xbox has also managed to outpace the competition in terms of sales recently in the UK. Stock drops for Xbox helped the consoles stay ahead PlayStation 5 ended up falling behind due to supply shortages. 

Microsoft has shown that they intend to make the most of this generation. They have been ruthless with studio acquisitions in the past and this chip priority deal all but confirms their determination to stay ahead of the curve. While all consoles are struggling to meet demands, Xbox has managed to outsmart the competition with this cunning move and things are now looking better than ever for Xbox. Stock is likely to improve for all manufacturers in the coming days but Microsoft has managed to give Xbox a head start with this deal.

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