PS5 Sales In Japan Doubled In 2023 With 2.6 Million Units Sold

Best Year For PlayStation Since 1996 in Japan!

Story Highlights
  • The PS5 had shortage issues in 2022, which led to disappointing sales.
  • These issues were solved in 2023, resulting in twice as many sales for the console in Japan.
  • Last year, PlayStation sold the highest number of consoles in the region since 1996.

PlayStation has gone on the offensive to dominate the competition in the gaming market. The giant has been making records since its debut, and now the mantle has been passed to PS5.

This console sold nearly 40K units every day in 2023, encouraging Sony on its goal to sell 25 million consoles by FY23. It also broke a massive record in the Japanese market, selling twice as many consoles in the region compared to 2022, according to Famitsu’s report.

Why it matters: Following these results, PlayStation has set a new record for sales in a single year in Japan since its release in 1996.

PS5 Pro

Overall, the console sold over 2.58 million units in 2023.

While it could not match up to Nintendo’s performance in Japan, these results are not to be taken lightly. Nintendo has been dominating this market for nearly two decades, so PlayStation’s performance is quite impressive.

Following this strong performance, Sony has sold nearly 5 million units in Japan. Over half of these were sold last year, setting an all-time high record for the gaming giant.

Moving into 2024, demand for the PS5 remains high. With an assortment of first-party games that appeal to Japanese audiences, PlayStation is expected to be a highly sought-after platform in the region.

Games like the highly promising samurai adventure Rise of the Ronin and next month’s Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth will play a crucial role in this demand.

PS5 DualSense Controller

2024 should also see the release of the PS5 Pro, encouraging enthusiast gamers to consider their first PS5 or an additional unit. Analysts have already claimed that the PS5 will ship 18.5 million units by FY24, so another strong performance seems to be coming up.

The PS5’s 2024 lineup is quite convincing, so any remaining PlayStation fans might be persuaded to buy the console in 2024. Meanwhile, Nintendo’s next console should be released during the latter half of this year.

Therefore, the Japanese gaming market will continue thriving, with more options, new hardware, and even bigger records in the next 12 months.

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