PlayStation Partners With New Studio To Create Skyrim-Like RPG

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Featuring Melee & Spell-based Combat!

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  • PlayStation has partnered with an Istanbul-based developer named Shadowfall Studios.
  • Shadowfall Studios is currently working on a Skyrim-like RPG that features a hybrid melee and magic-based combat.
  • The game is also said to feature a villain protagonist.

PlayStation has a well-established network of partner studios with a proven track record of developing successful games that resonate with PlayStation audiences. Recent successes like Stellar Blade have come from this network of developers.

PlayStation has recently partnered with yet another developer, a relatively new Turkish developer named Shadowfall Studios. The studio is currently working on a Skyrim-like RPG called Project Daeron.

Why it matters: PlayStation has never really ventured into the world of RPGs like Skyrim, so Project Daeron represents a significant step for them to break new ground.

Shadowfall Studios LinkedIn
Shadowfall Studios – LinkedIn

This game is said to feature a co-op journey based on Turkic mythology, a fast-paced hybrid combat system, and a unique rune crafting system.

The hybrid combat system would allow players to use both melee and magical abilities simultaneously and independently. Moreover, a unique crafting system would enable players to craft a variety of spells to enhance their arsenal.

It is also interesting that the game focuses on Turkic mythology, as the gaming industry has primarily focused on Greek and Norse mythology, making this shift quite intriguing.

The project is said to offer unique gameplay that deviates from the typical hero-centric narrative. Instead, Project Daeron appears to feature a villain as the protagonist.

Project Daeron Magic
Project Daeron’s Narrative Is Tailored For 2 Player Co-Op

According to Shadowfall Studios, the game will be filled with unexpected twists and turns, involving encounters with shamans and even gods, which would presumably be boss fights.

It seems that PlayStation is developing its own Elder Scrolls-like series, especially given the heavy speculation about the next game in the Elder Scrolls series potentially skipping the PS5. However, this seems unlikely after Xbox decided to go multiplatform.

Still, Elder Scrolls 6 isn’t expected to be released until 2026, and the last entry in the franchise came out back in 2011.

Looking at the images on the website and the description of the game, we are quite excited. The information is very interesting, and we cannot wait to see how the final version turns out.

Since the project is quite early on in development, an announcement is not expected anytime soon. However, the game may show up at one of the many PlayStation partner spotlight events conducted all year round.

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