Konami Expected To Work On Metal Gear Solid 6 If Remake Succeeds

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Moving Ahead With Metal Gear Solid Without Kojima!

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  • It has been nearly a decade since a new game in the Metal Gear Solid series was released.
  • Konami has recently teased Metal Gear Solid 6 in a Q&A.
  • The studio has also created brand new games for Silent Hill, hinting at a similar future for Metal Gear Solid.

It has been nearly a decade since the last game in the Metal Gear Solid franchise was released. Metal Gear Solid 5: Phantom Pain was released in 2015 and still looks great due to its incredible gameplay.

Konami currently aims to release more remakes in the series after unveiling the remake of Metal Gear Solid 3. The remake keeps the original design unchanged and hopes to introduce the IP to a new audience.

Based on the reception of this release, the studio is willing to release even more remakes. However, it has also hinted at a potential brand-new Metal Gear Solid game.

Why it matters: If the publisher decides to proceed, this would mark Konami’s second new Metal Gear Solid release without Kojima.

YouTube video

Konami recently hosted a live stream on YouTube discussing the future. Series producer Noriaki Okamura and promotion manager Jiro Oishi spoke during the livestream and shared some interesting news regarding the fate of this IP.

In a Q&A session, the host asked whether Konami plans to create new games. Metal Gear Solid 6 was indirectly teased in this session when the publisher stated that new games would be possible if upcoming releases succeeded.

According to Konami, Metal Gear Solid 3 Remake’s success could lead to more remakes and even a brand-new game. Previously, the studio tried a similar approach with Metal Gear Survive, a spin-off that completely failed and marked the IP’s demise until recently.

Metal Gear Solid 3 Remake
Konami is Currently Focused On The Metal Gear Solid 3 Remake

If Konami goes ahead with Metal Gear Solid 6, the studio will have to create a new game without Hideo Kojima.

Konami’s current track record has led to concerns about the gaming giant’s ability to match Hideo Kojima’s bar for quality, but with the current enthusiasm for the series, the studio could still surprise audiences.

Metal Gear Solid 6 certainly sounds like an exciting proposition. When Hideo Kojima departed, this franchise still had a lot of untapped potential, so a completely new mainline entry could attempt to explore this potential.

It is also interesting to note that Konami has already released original entries for Silent Hill, another franchise it has shown great interest in recently. Therefore, the studio seems more than ready to do the same for Metal Gear Solid.

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