PlayStation Expects Future Games To Focus On Narratives Over Graphics

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Studios Will Focus On Immersive Narratives For Players!

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  • A PlayStation executive has commented on the future of the industry.
  • He believes the technological advances will enable more expressive characters for emotionally complex narratives.
  • The executive also believes AI will provide personalized experiences for everyone.

PlayStation has always delivered well-balanced experiences. Its first-party teams produce titles that excel technologically while offering narratives with emotional depth and memorable characters.

According to PlayStation, the latter will become a core focus for future games.

Why it matters: The gaming industry is already trying to compete with films and television in terms of quality. Over the last decade, gaming narratives have taken a major step forward.

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PlayStation recently debuted its Creative Entertainment Vision, producing a concept for a brand new sci-fi controller among other things. Following this vision, the gaming giant interviewed various members of its team, including Asad Qizilbash, the head of PlayStation productions.

When he was asked about the future of gaming, Asad Qizilbash expressed that studios would shift away from top-notch visuals. The executive believes narratives will take the lead as developers focus on curating experiences that stay with gamers for a long time.

The focus is going to shift from graphics to immersive narratives.

-Asad Qizilbash

He explained that new technologies like AI would enable more personalized experiences for everyone. Since the likes of Ubisoft, EA, and more see potential in the technology, this seems like a fair conclusion.

Elsewhere, the executive stated new technology would allow for more expressive characters. This would lead to more emotionally impactful moments and interactions.

Uncharted 4 Visual Brilliance
Uncharted 4’s Narrative Has Always Been Considered One of Its Biggest Strengths

While this future may still be a few years away, PlayStation’s games already follow this philosophy. Ninja Theory’s Hellblade 2 took a similar approach, though it highlights that balancing the gameplay and cinematic push is just as important.

PlayStation is currently working on various first-party titles. Among them, the likes of Ghost of Tsushima 2, future Horizon games, and more are expected to offer emotionally impactful narrative like Asad Qizilbash expects.

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