PlayStation Reveals Futuristic Next-Gen Controller Concept

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Sony Expects Similar Controllers In 10 Years!

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  • Sony is bringing some technological advancements under the title of creative entertainment vision.
  • At its recent meeting, Sony showed its vision for a next-gen controller that will merge imagination with the real world.
  • This controller, along with the next-gen consoles, will elevate Sony’s ecosystem to a new level in the industry.

Sony has always been one step ahead of other entertainment companies. Whether it be the innovative DualSense or the highly ambitious PS5 Pro, the gaming giant has shown a knack for adopting the newest technologies.

Sony has now shared its creative vision for the next decade. Alongside various other parts of the business, the company has shown a small glimpse at what could be the PlayStation controller in 10 years.

Why it matters: These technological advances will ensure Sony stays at the top of the gaming industry.

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Sony wants to go into the depths of innovation where they want to overlap the real world with the imaginary through different approaches.

Ten years from now, we will be living in a more multi-layered world where physical and virtual realities overlap.


One part of this ambition is highlighted in the controller, which shows a sci-fi aesthetic. It seems to be aiming for AR tech to provide new types of gaming experiences that Sony hopes to deliver in the next decade.

Interestingly, Sony has shown various uncanny controller concepts in the past. Among them, the PS3’s boomerang controller is perhaps the most famous, but the gaming giant’s actual controllers have stayed relatively close to the DualShock’s original design.

In recent years, Sony has found immense recognition after the release of the DualSense controller, which adds to the immersive experience in games through Adaptive Triggers and Haptic Feedback. 

PS5’s DualSense Was A Big Step Forward | Image via Tech4Gamers

Elsewhere, Sony commented on the PS5’s success during the meeting. The gaming giant appears satisfied with this hardware as it prepares to move into the fifth official year of its lifespan later this year.

For now, the gaming giant’s PS5 Pro is one to look out for. An official announcement could be made very soon, with Sony finally taking the crown of gaming’s most capable hardware after nearly four years.

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