God of War Should Focus On Resident Evil Style Remakes

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God of War Remake Trilogy Would Be Incredible!

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  • The God of War and Resident Evil franchises have performed exceptionally well with each new entry.
  • However, Capcom has been committed to revisiting old Resident Evil titles, something that PlayStation should also do.
  • The first two entries in this series are still trapped on the PS2 and PS3, so remakes would make them more readily available.

The God of War franchise has consistently delivered impressive titles, earning great praise from critics and fans worldwide for its rich lore, captivating gameplay, and stunning visuals.

This franchise reminds me of Capcom’s Resident Evil in many ways, which has had a similarly success run. However, I believe Resident Evil has made much better use of its older releases compared to God of War.

I say this because Resident Evil has focused on revisiting its older titles since 2019, releasing three remakes so far. These re-releases have been praised for retelling the classic stories of the original games in a modern light.

This is why I believe God of War could benefit from a similar approach by focusing on Resident Evil-style remakes, and it’s not just my opinion; numerous instances show that the demand for older titles has been high for a long time.

Why it matters: When games become very old, nostalgia often keeps them alive. However, remaking them revitalizes their essence in a modern context, appealing to newer and older generations.

God of War Trilogy
God of War Is Considered PlayStation’s Biggest Franchise

Justice For The God of War Trilogy

For me, the Resident Evil franchise exemplifies the best way a developer can revisit their past. Capcom has done a tremendous job finding the perfect balance between staying true to the original and incorporating innovations for a fresh experience.

Capcom has mastered this since the release of Resident Evil 2 Remake in 2019. I want a similar approach for this PlayStation franchise, as the older games in the series have been left in the shadows for too long.

Considering how the franchise has reached new heights, a remake strategy like Resident Evil’s seems like a great move. This approach would introduce the younger generation to the older God of War titles, familiarizing them with the franchise’s rich lore while providing a nostalgic experience for older players.

What confuses me about Sony is that it chose to remake and remaster titles like The Last of Us and its sequel, which was a completely unnecessary move, while ignoring older titles that truly deserve the same attention.

God of War 3 13 Years Ago
The God of War Franchise Is More Than 19 Years Old

The Platform Argument

One reason I strongly believe this series deserves remakes is that it cannot be played on the PS4 and PS5.

Sure, God of War 3 Remastered is a great trip to Kratos’ Greek finale on these platforms, but it only tells a third of an incredible story. In my opinion, a proper trilogy is much needed, and we can even throw in Ascension or the PSP games as a bonus.

Though nothing is confirmed, we might be in luck, as there have been reports about the trilogy being remastered for the PS5, which Sony refused to comment on.

But, even if Sony isn’t currently working on any remakes, I strongly believe they should consider it as soon as possible. It’s a fantastic opportunity to expand the universe further and capitalize on its potential.

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