Capcom Outdid Itself With Resident Evil 4 Remake Last Year

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Capcom Raised The Bar For Remakes!

Story Highlight
  • Resident Evil 4 Remake shows just how great remakes can be.
  • It was not only a solid recreation but expanded on the core concepts of this iconic title, with combat being the best part.
  • The visuals and narrative elements were also a highlight. 

The Resident Evil franchise is an icon of the horror gaming industry, one that rarely fails to impress. Even at its worst, I have found this series highly enjoyable, but its highs are truly remarkable.

Capcom’s latest rendition of the IP is a culmination of nearly thirty years of experience, passion, and dedication, resulting in Resident Evil 4, a remake of a nearly two-decade old classic.

Capcom outdid itself with this remake, and I believe it has set a new bar for all remakes

Why it matters: The Resident Evil 4 Remake shows how all future remakes should be since it improved many things from the base game and wasn’t a mere visual upgrade.

Re4 remake easily has one of the best combat systems to date
byu/Frenziedshad0w inresidentevil4

The Otherworldly Combat 

The combat in Resident Evil 4 Remake is out of this world, and I can confidently say I’ve never experienced such polished gunplay in a horror game. In my opinion, great third-person shooters like Dead Space and Control pale in comparison.

Small details like enemies’ reactions to being shot in different limbs and organs added to the strategic element, while Capcom’s extremely polished animations made each action, no matter how small, impactful. And who can forget Leon’s iconic roundhouse kick?

There’s also a sense of high stakes as Leon rushes to save Ashley while fighting off hordes of zombies. Once you ramp up the difficulty, this combat shines even brighter since enemies are more vicious, resources more limited, and the stakes much higher.

Naturally, such a great combat system demands multiple playthroughs. With so many weapons to try, Resident Evil 4 Remake begs to be played over more than once, and I had no issues going for another run.

Capcom’s RE Engine Brings This Iconic Entry To Life | Image Credits: Tech4Gamers

Visual Upgrade & Story Improvement

Improved graphics are a given for any remake, but Capcom’s RE Engine is in a league of its own. On paper, Resident Evil 4 Remake is a cross-generation game designed around the limitations of the decade-old PS4.

However, it easily rivaled the many current-gen-only releases last year, thanks to detailed facial models, a solid ray-tracing implementation, and meticulous attention to detail packed in every corner.

As for the narrative, I didn’t expect Capcom to alter the story too much. However, the remake added new lore for the castle, enemies, village, and, of course, Luis. I always thought that Luis’ fate in the original game was unfair.

Therefore, I appreciate Capcom improving Luis, who is now my favorite Resident Evil 4 character. He ultimately helps out Leon and Ashely every time, and the cheeky lines make his character way better.

Luis was a genius who worked under Umbrella, and becoming a monster wasn’t his best choice. Later, he reflects on his actions, turning over a new leaf and helping Leon. He created the Nemesis, a major act of evil, but ultimately redeemed himself in an unforgettable manner.

This would not have happened in the original Resident Evil 4 since it was missing such character depth.

My ratings of the RE 4 remake main bosses
byu/Extension-Calendar-1 inresidentevil

Boss Fights 

Boss fights were also vastly improved in the remake. The new version offers seven boss fights, and all of them are quite menacing and well done, especially the last boss fight.

Despite being such a great boss fight, it didn’t become my favorite. That spot is taken by Krauser alone. What a brilliant and beautiful fight that was. Every trap he used, his taunts mid-battle, and the close-quarters knife combat; it was all perfect.

Ada and Leon’s Relationship Is Always Interesting To Explore | Image By Tech4Gamers

This Is Where We Go Our Separate Ways

After the last boss fight, Leon’s statement to Ada: “I think we both know this is where we both go our separate ways,” is the perfect foreshadowing of the DLC. Moreover, the DLC was a genuinely great extension of the base game.

For me, playing as Ada was equally satisfying as taking control of Leon. I also liked her melee more since it could be done from a range. Like everything else in the remake, the DLC was well-executed and complemented the whole experience.

Capcom went all out with this remake, and I hope this is going to be the norm for all future Resident Evil entries. The gaming giant is rumored to be working on remakes for Resident Evil 1 and 5, in addition to Resident Evil 9. If either of these projects ends up as good as last year’s release, we’re all in for a treat.

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