Ghost of Tsushima Becomes Third Biggest PS Game On PC

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Just 1K Players Shy To Become The 2nd Biggest PS Game On PC!

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  • Ghost of Tsushima has managed to become the third biggest PS game on PC despite it not being available in over 100 countries. 
  • The game is just 1k players short to become the second biggest PS game on Steam.
  • The numbers would have been way higher if the game hadn’t been delisted from over 100 countries.

Ghost of Tsushima, on launch day, became the fourth biggest PlayStation game on PC. However, the hype and anticipation of the game were way too much than what it achieved. That is mainly because Sony delisted the game in over 100 countries, as PSN is only available in 35% of the world. 

This arguably hurt the overall sales, and due to it, the game couldn’t reach its maximum potential on PC. However, despite the delisting, it has become the third biggest PlayStation game on PC, with just 1k players shy of becoming the second biggest. 

Why it matters: Ghost of Tsushima has been delisted on Steam from all the countries where PSN isn’t available, and yet it managed to become the third biggest PS game on PC.

Ghost of Tsushima is Just 1K Players Short of Becoming the Second Biggest PlayStation Game On PC | Source: SteamDB

The game has the highest peak of 72,576 on Steam, whereas God of War has 73,529. There is less than a 1k difference between both, which Ghost of Tsushima might manage to overcome in the upcoming days. 

Ghost of Tsushima could have easily become the second biggest game had it not been delisted from the majority of the countries. That much was obvious, given its hype. PC fans have waited four whole years to play this game, and the majority couldn’t even manage to play it. 

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Many decided to boycott the game, which might have also affected the peak concurrent players. This could have been way better, but it is still pretty impressive that the game achieved such results while being bound by some major restrictions. 

The game launched with 85% positive reviews, which could have been even better, as some of those reviews were negative because of the design. That said, Sony might bring back the game to the countries it was delisted in, as Helldivers 2 is reappearing in some of the regions. 

So, all hope isn’t dead yet, but Sony is surely taking its sweet time in this situation. Not only is this hurting sales, but it is also hurting the overall brand.

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