Gamers Boycotting Ghost of Tsushima After Sony Delisted PC Port

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Fans Also Expect Review Bombing At Release!

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  • Sony has just delisted Ghost of Tsushima in over 100 countries, and fans are calling for a boycott.
  • Some have even gone as far as to ask for boycotts for all future PC ports.
  • Others believe the boycott will help get their voices across and convince Sony.

Sony is doing a great job porting its biggest first-party titles to PC, including the upcoming Ghost of Tsushima and the recently leaked God of War Ragnarok. However, it seems PlayStation’s ambitions have just been thwarted.

In aiming to implement PlayStation accounts, Sony has delisted both Helldivers 2 and Ghost of Tsushima in over 100 countries. This decision has sparked outrage among fans, with many calling for a complete boycott.

Why it matters: Sony needs to realize that the decision to integrate PlayStation accounts into its PC ports is doing more harm than good.

Ghost Of Tsushima
Various Posts on Steam Are Speaking Out Against This Decision | Source: Steam

PlayStation recently attempted to make account linking mandatory for Helldivers 2, which was doing extremely well on PC. As expected, fans were not too happy, and just when things seemed to be settling down, Sony triggered another wave of anger.

Fans were quick to review bomb Helldivers 2, and it seems Ghost of Tsushima will meet a similar fate. Over on Steam Forums, various posts are calling for PC gamers to stand against Sony.

Let’s unite against Sony oppression.

-Steam user

One user has concluded that this situation demands low ratings and negative reviews. Others have called for Sony to be completely blacklisted on PC.

The biggest problem appears to be the fact that Steam is available in so many more countries than PlayStation supports and Sony’s decision to change gears at the last moment.

Even those who have been left unimpacted by the delisting expect Ghost of Tsushima to be review-bombed at release.

Ghost of Tsushima
Ghost of Tsushima Seems Doomed From The Beginning

Elsewhere, the Steam Forums are filled with people unsatisfied with the refunds. Despite the new restrictions, many PC users still want to experience the game. To deal with this issue, we hope to see Sony taking action promptly as it did last week.

While Helldivers 2 has not fully recovered from last week’s incident, it is still not too late for Ghost of Tsushima since the game has yet to be released. If PlayStation can act quickly and relist the PC port in all the countries, there is still hope for a successful launch.

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