PlayStation Will Stay Focused On Beautiful Narrative Games, Claims Sony

Will Continue Current Formula For Exclusives!

PlayStation is currently famous for third-person narrative games. Among its lineup of first-party games, titles like The Last of Us, Uncharted, and God of War are among the best examples of this style of game.

The gaming giant emphasizes high production values, leading to top-tier visuals, voice acting, and soundtracks to immerse players in an unforgettable experience. PlayStation has also inspired other studios with this approach.

During a recently revealed Q&A session, Jim Ryan confirmed PlayStation will continue this focus, delivering graphically beautiful narrative-rich games.

Why it matters: Such games ensured the PS4 stayed ahead of competitors like the Xbox One, and Jim Ryan aims to continue this momentum for PlayStation.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2

A recent document was discovered by Resetera member Idas, which covers a series of answers from the Head of PlayStation, Jim Ryan.

When Jim Ryan was asked about his plans for PlayStation’s live service projects, he elaborated that the gaming giant does not expect all projects to be successful.

Live service games come with an inherent risk, but it only takes a few successful titles to offset the losses. He claimed that PlayStation will not be investing solely in live service games. Instead, it will also continue to focus on its current strengths.

This strength, according to Jim Ryan, lies in narrative-driven games. He said:

“We will continue to publish the games that have served us so well over the years.”

“These graphically beautiful narrative-rich games will be the bedrock of our first-party business.”

PlayStation’s best-sellers include IPs like The Last of Us, Horizon, and Spider-Man.

All of these games deliver heat-wrenching narratives with industry-leading production values. The gaming giant has also rebooted previous franchises like God of War to follow this format.

Evidently, PlayStation has found tremendous success with this strategy. It’s first-party games are considered system sellers, and competitors like Xbox have struggled to produce similar games.

The PlayStation fanbase is fond of this type of experience, so Jim Ryan’s strategy will appeal to the millions of gamers who purchased PS5 consoles after enjoying their time with the PS4.

Future games like Marvel’s Wolverine for the PS5 are also expected to focus on these elements.

sony playstation studios tv shows and movies

However, he believes these first-party games will be bolstered by PlayStation’s live service games. Such titles will use the current appeal of cinematic games to bring new players and take the PlayStation ecosystem to new heights.

While there is no denying the appeal of these cinematic games, some have begun to find their formulaic nature a bit repetitive. Recently, David Jaffe claimed PlayStation needs to mix things up, as Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 appears to be treading too much familiar ground.

The lineup of live service games may help address this criticism, allowing PlayStation to move forward with a large variety of games.

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