Users Could Damage The PlayStation 5 By Using It Vertically

This Could Be Concerning For PS5 Users!

The PlayStation 5 has been highly popular so far. Demand for the console continues to grow, and the console has also become much easier to find now. As a result, PlayStation markets like Japan have seen huge sales over the last few weeks.

Sony’s PS5 has cleared another milestone recently, reaching over 30 million sales worldwide. The player base is growing rapidly, but a potential design flaw could cause concern for existing and future PlayStation 5 owners. 

A repair shop technician has claimed that the PlayStation 5 should not be used vertically, and doing so could put the console at risk.

According to the technician, the liquid metal layer used for cooling the PlayStation 5 can slip through the seal due to an apparent design flaw. This could hinder its cooling capabilities or permanently damage the console if the liquid metal travels to other components.

Moreover, This is not the first time this issue has been brought up. The user has been trying to bring this to attention for a while now, and another repair shop in France has reported similar findings with the PS5 liquid metal.

It is claimed that these issues affect both the Physical and Digital PlayStation 5 consoles. Consoles are not at risk if left standing while not running, but the technician believes that horizontal orientation is the best safety measure. 

Sony has not publically acknowledged or addressed the issue. The company believes that the PS5 can be safely used in either orientation, and the console is also shown to stand upright in Sony’s promotional material.

It should also be noted that these reports are not common. As mentioned earlier, the PS5 has sold over 30 million units, and it looks like most users have not had many problems with their consoles.

PS5 Limited Edition Featured

The PS5 is also expected to receive a slim console revision in the near future, similar to previous PlayStation consoles. Sony could move away from liquid metal for this iteration, eliminating the issue, but nothing is set in stone.

While the number of reports is low, this could be a concerning issue. Users have been warned that it would be best to avoid any risks to keep the PS5 console safe for upcoming games.

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