Phil Spencer Does Not Want To Bring Game Pass To PlayStation

Xbox Wants Organic Growth Instead!

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  • The Xbox CFO previously claimed Microsoft wanted to bring its content to all screens, including its rival platforms.
  • Phil Spencer has clarified the statement, confirming that Xbox Game Pass is not coming to PlayStation or Nintendo.
  • However, the gaming giant is still focused on growing as a platform, as the CFO said.

Xbox CFO Tim Stuart recently suggested that the company wants to bring its offerings to all platforms, including rival platforms from Nintendo and PlayStation.

While he didn’t clarify what this statement meant, the masses assumed that Xbox wanted to eventually introduce Game Pass on the PS5 or Nintendo Switch. However, Phil Spencer has cleared these misconceptions, denying the recent rumors.

Why it matters: This statement clarified that Phil Spencer is not looking to forcefully establish Xbox on other platforms, highlighting that the company is seeking organic growth.

Speaking to Windows Central, Phil Spencer outlined future gaming plans from Microsoft. When asked to clarify CFO Tim Stuart’s recent statement, the Xbox CEO said:

“We have no plans to bring Xbox Game Pass to PlayStation or Nintendo.”

However, this does not mean Tim Stuart’s statement was incorrect altogether. Growth as a platform is still at the heart of Microsoft’s future gaming plans, even if it does not include rival consoles.

Phil Spencer explained that part of being an Xbox player means that fans get access to Game Pass, Xbox Cloud, and initiatives like Xbox Play Anywhere. Therefore, even when players do not own specific consoles, they can be invested in the ecosystem.

Still, Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard means that some of Xbox’s first-party games will eventually make it to PlayStation in 2024 and beyond, including IPs like Call of Duty.

Xbox Game Pass

It is important to note that PlayStation already offers competition to Xbox Game Pass through PS Plus Extra/Premium. Nintendo also has its own subscription service with classic games, so Microsoft would not gain much from bringing its service to these platforms.

We believe Microsoft is on the right track with its approach to content and services. The gaming industry is evolving rapidly, and this approach is the only way forward for Xbox.

While PlayStation continues to dominate the console space, Phil Spencer envisions a future where Xbox’s broader appeal will give it an inherent advantage. This is why the executive is pursuing the mobile market, recently confirming that partnerships are being planned to explore this market.

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