Palworld Dev Spends $500K Each Month To Keep Servers Up 24/7

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  • Palworld’s servers appear to be run by a single network engineer.
  • They cost about $500K each month for maintenance.
  • The studio has tasked the engineer to keep these servers up at all times.

Following a record-breaking launch, Palworld has maintained its position as one of Steam’s most-played games. Peaking as the second-biggest release on the platform, the game has proven the appeal of Pokemon’s concept across all platforms.

It is also Game Pass’ biggest third-party launch to date, motivating Pocketpair to bring dedicated servers to the Xbox consoles and fixing the lingering performance issues on consoles.

However, these efforts do not come without a cost. According to a report, Palworld servers cost nearly $500K to run each month.

Why it matters: One of Palworld’s best features is the ability to play the game with friends, making it crucial for PocketPair to keep its servers healthy at any cost.

It looks like a single network engineer is in charge of bearing the colossal weight of maintaining Palworld’s servers.

The individual assigned to this duty introduces himself as Chujo Hiroto on Twitter and makes it clear that he has a direct order from the company not to let the service go down, no matter what.

Curiously, Hiroto revealed that the monthly maintenance cost of Palworld’s servers is approximately $478,000. It’s obvious that the servers are under a lot of strain, given that Palworld has over 19 million players across PC, Xbox, and Game Pass.

However, this cost has likely been accounted for already. With over 12 million units sold, the game has made hundreds of millions of dollars so far. Therefore, the effort and costs of keeping the servers up and running have been more than worth it.

At the time of writing, Palworld is no longer breaking its record every single day, but the game has an active player base of nearly a million players each day. This has also motivated the studio to provide new features like PvP, expanding the game further.

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