Palworld Fails To Hit Consistent 60FPS on Xbox Series X

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Runs Poorly With Several Drops Below 40FPS!

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  • Palworld is currently available on Xbox consoles and PCs.
  • While the game is doing well in terms of sales, it has performance issues on the Xbox Series X.
  • A recent analysis reveals that Palworld fails to run at a consistent 60FPS on the Series X. 

Palworld was released on January 19, and it took the internet by storm. Almost everyone was talking about the game and its uncanny similarities with the Pokemon games. With some claiming that the developer cheated and throwing accusations of plagiarism, the Pokemon Company has joined the conversation.

Still, the game’s current success is undeniable. Palworld is only available on Xbox and Steam, but the version available to the former is not in the best state. According to an analysis, the game rarely achieves 60FPS on Xbox Series X.

Why it matters: Xbox Series X is said to be the most powerful console on the market, so it is disappointing to see the most popular game of 2024 not being optimized to make full use of the hardware’s capabilities.

YouTube video

Digital Foundry has yet again done a deep analysis and looked at the performance of 2024’s biggest surprise.

For starters, the tech experts reveal that the game on Xbox Series X doesn’t reach 60FPS. It stays around the 40-50FPS range and only reaches 60FPS when you are looking at the sky.

The game is running at a native 1620P resolution, meaning there is no upscaling. However, for a less intensive game like Palworld, these results are far from stellar, with the game even falling as low as 32FPS during the worst-case scenario.

Surprisingly, the Xbox Series S presents a better-running version of Pokemon with guns. With the frame rate ranging between 50 to 60 most of the time, the game is smoother on this platform.

However, this result comes due to the sacrifice to resolution. The Xbox Series S version runs at 720p, exhibiting a massive delta between the image quality of both consoles.


Palworld is currently in early access, but the game leaves much to be desired on consoles. According to reports, the Xbox version was several patches behind the Steam release until recently, so this outcome is not too surprising.

With the game becoming as popular as it is, we hope to see PocketPair addressing these performance issues as quickly as possible.

Palworld is currently Steam’s second-biggest game to date, beating Counter-Strike with 1.86 million concurrent players.

Its success has also sparked debates about the potential of Pokemon on other platforms. Many claim Nintendo should consider abandoning exclusivity for the series, even if this is highly unlikely.

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