Palworld Reportedly Runs An Outdated Version On Game Pass

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6-7 Months Behind Steam Version!

Story Highlights
  • Palworld on Game Pass runs an older version compared to Steam.
  • The game is 3-6 months behind its Steam counterpart.
  • This has led to various issues on Game Pass that do not exist on Steam.

Amidst huge success, a new report claims that the Game Pass version of Palworld is outdated compared to its Steam counterpart. The game has been breaking barriers of popularity on Steam, but the story for Game Pass users seems different.

A user on Reddit has claimed that multiple players have confirmed that Palworld running on Game Pass is at least 3-6 months behind the Steam version. Although, how many patches it lacks is still unknown.

Why it matters: Palworld sold over 2 million copies in one day, rivaling the success of major AAA titles. Therefore, fans have been disappointed to see Xbox ignoring this massive hit, leaving it without proper patches and support on the platform.

CONFIRMED Palworld is 3-6 monnths outdated on game pass
byu/beaquis inXboxGamePass

This issue seems to be on Microsoft’s end. Palworld has reportedly issued patches that have been slow to receive approval, highlighting that this problem has more to do with Xbox than the developers.

The Game Pass version lacks some notable features. The biggest of them is the limited server. While the Steam server allows up to 32 players, the Xbox version allows only 2-4 players. According to the studio, this situation can only be handled by Xbox.

There are also reports of other issues, including crashes and even errors with downloading. None of these exist in the Steam copy, so it seems Game Pass is offering a worse version of Palworld.

Palworld screenshot

Despite Game Pass’ low cost, Microsoft promises a high-quality experience for its subscribers. With Palworld exploding in popularity worldwide, it is sad to see Game Pass users missing out on an experience millions are enjoying.

We look forward to seeing Microsoft work with Pocket Pair to address Palworld on Game Pass. The subscription service is great, and these kinds of issues can tarnish its reputation, so Microsoft must make sure to address the game’s current flaws promptly.

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