Palworld Breaks Records With 1 Million Concurrent Steam Players

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6th Steam Game To Achieve 1 Million Players!

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  • Palworld has managed to cross 1 million concurrent players on Steam.
  • It is the sixth game to hit this number on the platform.
  • The game has surpassed titles like Elden Ring, Baldur’s Gate 3, and Hogwarts Legacy after this result.

Palworld doesn’t seem to be stopping any time soon.

The title hit the market less than two days ago and has emerged as an undisputed dark horse. As its popularity continues to soar, it has broken records by becoming the 6th game to ever hit a million concurrent players on Steam.

Why it matters: The indie hit sold 2 million units yesterday, reaching around 370K concurrent players immediately after release. Many believed the game’s hype would begin to die down, but the title continues to surprise everyone.

This is a feat that games like Hogwarts Legacy and Elden Ring failed to achieve. Baldur’s Gate 3, while soaring in popularity last year, failed to reach over 900K concurrent players.

This result puts Palworld in the realm of multiplayer games like PUBG, CS:GO, and more. Very few single-player releases, like Cyberpunk 2077, have been able to hit such numbers, and while Palworld is not primarily single-player, this result from an indie release is stellar.

At this rate, it would not be shocking to see the game outpacing Cyberpunk 2077 eventually. Perhaps the most interesting part of this situation is the title’s Xbox Game Pass release.

While many believe such subscriptions can cannibalize sales, Palworld is proving quite the opposite.


However, despite the early success, it will be interesting to see if it can maintain the spot.

Other games included in the list have managed to constantly hit peak players multiple times. With Palworld being a new IP that seemingly came out of nowhere, the developers have to make sure this popularity stays on par with others on the list.

Following this boom, Palworld is gearing up for a PlayStation release. This should help the IP grow further, highlighting that a great idea can often eclipse big budgets and impressive graphics for players.

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