Pokemon Company To Investigate Palworld Plagiarism Reports

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Meanwhile, Palworld Sold 8 Million Units!

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  • Palworld has been accused of plagiarism across social media.
  • Following obvious Pokemon comparisons, The Pokemon Company has issued an official response.
  • It intends to investigate the matter and take action accordingly.

Palworld clearly takes inspiration from Pokemon. Before its release, this game was best known as Pokemon with guns, but nobody expected it to become Steam’s second-biggest game of all time.

What started as a simple joke among audiences has been blown out of proportion. Palworld is surrounded by controversy amid its current success, leading to an official statement from The Pokemon Company on this matter.

Why it matters: Nintendo and its partners are famous for being brutal when it comes to copyright protection and property infringement.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

The official statement makes it clear that no official permission was granted to Palworld to borrow Pokemon’s designs or assets.

To this end, the company is now investigating the matter after receiving various inquiries. The Pokemon Company intends to pursue legal action against Pocket Pair should the need arise.

While this might sound concerning, it is important to note that Palwolrd has not been a secret project. The game’s development has been public for many years, giving Nintendo and The Pokemon Company plenty of time to take action.

On social media, various users have pointed out that Palworld seems to be using models from Pokemon games. Even developers have chimed in, accusing the game of blatant plagiarism.

However, looking at the designs, they appear different enough to avoid infringement charges.

If there was a degree of plagiarism involved, Nintendo would have already made a move, judging by the fact that this company was quick to shut down a recently released Pokemon mod for Palworld.

In fact, many believe this statement from The Pokemon Company refers to the mod instead of Palwolrd.

Amid this chaos, Palwolrd received a new sales update hours ago. The game has sold over 8 million units so far, marking consecutive daily sales updates after it first sold 2 million copies in 24 hours.

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