Overwatch 2 PvE Mode Completely Abandoned by Players

Lacking Enough Players To Form Full Party!

The Overwatch 2 PvE mode has seen a massive decline in player count nearly two months after its release. It seems that the PvE lobbies are currently empty, leaving only a handful of players.

The lack of new content leads to barren lobbies and a surge in queue times.

Why it matters: The initial excitement of dynamic PVE missions with detailed skill trees was replaced by just three basic missions, lacking guilds and skill progression. This change has left many disappointed and looking for explanations.

Almost nobody is playing Missions mode.
byu/LunaSpeaks inOverwatch

In early 2023, changes to the PvE experience left many players disappointed. Blizzard initially promised a strong, additional campaign experience. However, due to setbacks, they had to revise their plan, causing disappointment in the gaming community.

The current state of the PvE game mode paints a sad picture. It currently has long wait times, sometimes up to 5 minutes. Adding AI teammates to fill the lobbies has also made the experience less immersive than originally anticipated.

Many players are experiencing strange behavior from their AI teammates, with the AI going off the map or using poorly timed Ultimates. This is not only slowing progress but hurting the overall gameplay.

To overcome these issues in the PVE missions, players are finding the need to stick to pre-made groups, especially on Legendary difficulty. This shift towards relying on groups is different from the solo experience many players wanted in PVE.

The Overwatch 2 community is also upset about the lack of replay value in these missions. Having only three options to choose from leaves players wanting a more varied experience. This seems to be a blind spot in the game’s current story missions.

Overwatch 2

Moreover, many players feel that Blizzard’s PvE content falls short compared to fan-made maps, which are just as good and free to access.

The $15 price for the three missions has also been a major issue, possibly leading to fewer players playing it. Previously, Overwatch 2 had already become Steam’s second-worst game, and such measures have done little to help.

The state of PvE has left many wondering what Blizzard will do to address the problem. There is talk of bringing back the original three missions in a new bundle, giving players who didn’t get a chance to enjoy this content an opportunity to try them out with real teammates.

Anyhow, given its current state, the developers must listen to player feedback and take steps to revitalize the PvE game mode. Blizzard will need to focus on fixing the core problems and making player-driven improvements.

The developers have already claimed that being review bombed was not fun, but they appear to be unbothered by the decrease in player count of the game.

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