Nvidia GeForce NOW Supporting Microsoft Against CMA’s Decision

Cloud Gaming Companies Supporting Microsoft!

While many expected that CMA would approve the Activision Acquisition on 26 April, it came as a shock when CMA blocked the Microsoft Activision Blizzard merger. In a recent interview, Microsoft President Brad Smith called it the darkest day for Microsoft in Britain.

However, the decision has also led to different opinions. Several companies are coming forward to speak against the CMA’s decision to block the deal. One of the first is Nvidia GeForce NOW, which tweeted its statement and expressed how it felt about the CMA decision.

Nvidia GeForce NOW is a well-known cloud gaming service made available nearly three years ago for fans. Cloud gaming services allow users to play games hosted on remote servers and streamed to compatible devices through the internet.

Microsoft had previously signed a 10-year deal with GeForce NOW, allowing the service access to Xbox Game Studio titles and Activision Blizzard IPs like Call of Duty and more. Following this deal, Nvidia’s concerns about the merger were addressed, and it joined the long list of companies supporting the merger.

It should also be noted that GeForce NOW was not the only company Microsoft signed a deal with. The gaming giant has signed agreements with many Cloud Gaming providers like Boosteroid and Ubitus.

After the final response from CMA, Boosteroid also came out supporting Microsoft.

As seen above, Boosteroid Cloud Gaming disagrees with the CMA decision to block the Microsoft-Activision Blizzard merger, and the team is hoping for a swift resolution to the matter.

Microsoft also announced its intention to appeal the CMA’s recent decision. An industry analyst has predicted that this might lead to the deal dragging to next year as Microsoft and Activision Blizzard will continue to struggle with the deal. 

Do you agree with Nvidia? Or are you in favor of CMA’S decision? 

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