CMA Expected To Approve Activision Acquisition This Week

Expected To Approve On Wednesday!

Just over a month ago, the CMA changed its stance on the long-running Activision Blizzard acquisition. The regulator was previously not too fond of Microsoft owning IPs like Diablo, Overwatch, and, most importantly, Call of Duty.

However, the CMA’s latest report claimed that Microsoft would not have much incentive to make Call of Duty exclusive. While this was great news for Microsoft and Activision, Sony was too happy with this report.

The CMA’s final decision is due on April 26. Just two days before the regulator gives its final verdict on the merger, the Financial Times expects the decision will be made in favor of Activision and Microsoft.

Microsoft Activision Blizzard Acquisition

While the CMA was not too concerned about console gaming in the last report, the regulator remained skeptical about the cloud-gaming space and announced that future efforts would ensure that the merger would not give Microsoft too much power in the cloud-gaming market.

Previously, Microsoft has signed multiple agreements with companies like Nintendo. The gaming giant also signed deals with various cloud providers like Boosteroid, Nvidia, and Ubitus. However, it remains to be seen whether these measures will convince the CMA.

While the outcome is expected to be in Microsoft’s favor, the CMA may suggest further remedies to ensure minimal effects on competition in the gaming industry.

The CMA’s decision may also influence regulators like the European Commission and the FTC, making the Activision Blizzard acquisition even easier for Microsoft. Previously, countries like Japan, South Africa, Brazil, and more have already approved the $68.7 Billion acquisition.

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