Microsoft And Nintendo Sign 10 Year Deal For Call of Duty

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10 Years Of COD For Nintendo!

Following concerns about the Activision Blizzard merger, Microsoft announced a commitment to bring Call of Duty to Nintendo consoles. Over two months later, the gaming giant has just offered a new update on this negotiation. 

According to Microsoft President, Brad Smith, Microsoft and Nintendo have entered a binding agreement to bring Call of Duty to Nintendo

The agreement entails parity between the Call of Duty experience on Nintendo and Xbox platforms and a day-one release on Nintendo platforms. 

Previously, Microsoft has claimed that the Activision Blizzard merger will help the gaming giant bring games to more people around the world, instead of limiting them. Regulators like the CMA and FTC have been concerned about Call of Duty exclusivity, but Microsoft has offered long-term contracts to gaming rivals.

Similar negotiations have been attempted with Sony, but Phil Spencer has claimed that Sony is more interested in talking to regulators than negotiating a deal.

Interstingly, Brad Smith uses the term Xbox games when talking about the contract. This could mean that future Xbox first-party titles could be a part of the contract. But the Microsoft President could also be referring to Call of Duty in this instance. 

The gaming giant is set to present its case before EU regulators today. Having made the announcement just before the hearing, Microsoft could be looking to make its strongest case for the $68.7 Billion merger yet.

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