CMA Now Believes Activision Deal Will Not Harm Console Market

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New Provisional Conclusion After Microsoft Efforts!

The CMA, much like other regulators, has not been too fond of Microsoft’s ongoing $68.7 Billion Activision merger. Despite the authority’s concerns, Microsoft has continued to explain its stance on the console market.

Following recent reports from the gaming giant, the CMA has now updated its provisional findings. The regulator has provisionally concluded the Activision Blizzard acquisition will not harm console competition.

Xbox Game Pass

In line with Microsoft’s previous claims, the CMA has concluded that the gaming giant does not have much incentive to make a franchise like Call of Duty exclusive to the Xbox platform.

Previously, Sony has argued that Microsoft should not own a franchise as big as Call of Duty. Even without the threat of exclusivity, Sony believes Microsoft could sabotage Call of Duty on PlayStation through bugs and glitches.

The CMA’s latest update seems to dismiss these claims, but the regulator has not approved the deal yet. Instead, the CMA’s efforts will focus primarily on potentially compromised competition in the cloud gaming space.

Recently, Microsoft has signed deals with cloud providers like Nvidia, Boosteroid, and Ubitus. The company has shown a willingness to sign multiple decade-long contracts, and this may help alleviate some of the concerns presented by the CMA.

The CMA also confirmed that its final decision is still on track for next month on April 26. This decision will play a massive role in deciding if the deal goes through for Microsoft and Activision.

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