Every month Steam conducts a survey in which they gather data about different types of computer software and hardware to keep track of what the customers are frequently using. The information collected is highly beneficial since it helps customers make better decisions about the products they are willing to invest in. It is optional for you to participate in the survey, and you can also fill it out anonymously if you prefer.

Steam Hardware & Software March Survey
Source: Steam

These surveys list the most popular hardware and software items and their usage percentages and percentage increase or decrease. These items consist of the most popular OS version, Physical CPUs, video card description, VRAM, total hard drive space, and system RAM, to name a few. Recently, they have released the Survey of March 2022.

To give an overview of some of the items, Windows 10 64 bit is the most popular OS version while 16 GB RAM is the most common among users, with 8GB VRAM preferred by many users and 1920 x 1080 still being the most common primary display resolution.
Keeping all the things aside, let’s explore the category that steals the most attention, the video card description.

Surprisingly, you can see that the list is jam-packed with the NVidia logo while others such as Apple, AMD, and Intel are found sparingly. This clearly shows that NVidia dominates the list since it effortlessly secures its place in the top twelve.

Steam Hardware & Software March Survey Video Card Description
Source: Steam

In terms of NVidia’s most popular GPUs, the Top 12 involve the GeForce GTX 10 and 16 series and the GeForce RTX 20 and 30 series. However, the one that wins this race happens to be none other than the GeForce GTX 1060, launched in 2016. With 7.95% in popularity points and a gradual increase of 0.21%, GeForce GTX 1060 has shown impressive results (best value for money?) since it takes the lead even among the latest generation cards such as the GeForce RTX series.

Colorful iGame GTX 1060 Vulcan 3G Graphics Card
Colorful Igame GTX 1060 on Test bench – Tech4Gamers

However, this isn’t the only impressive part about the famed GeForce GTX 1060. Strikingly, it has been taking the lead in this category of items almost for the past three years. For a card that was released in 2016, it is incredible to see GeForce GTX 1060 hold the top position even after five years. Since it is still in demand despite being an older graphics card, its demand doesn’t seem to decline any time soon.

The third place for the most popular GPU is secured by the GeForce RTX 2060, with an increase of 0.25%. This GeForce RTX Series card, is sandwiched between the GeForce GTX series but appears to be rising towards second place because GeForce GTX 1650 shows a decrease of 0.20%.

Apart from that, another card appears to be catching up, and it is the GeForce RTX 3060. Currently, it stands at the seventh position among the most popular, but its percentage has shown an astonishing 0.55% increase, which is the highest increase in the whole list. If the rise of the GeForce RTX 3060 and the decline of the fourth, fifth and sixth graphic cards on the list remains constant, then it won’t be too long before it makes its way into the top three.

The GeForce GTX 1060 is still maintaining its place in the top three for more than three years. Since it is an old card, it would be fascinating to see users transition to the GeForce RTX series soon.

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