Leon Kennedy Still The Most Iconic Resident Evil Character

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  • Resident Evil has been one of the oldest-running gaming franchises.
  • The series has featured several protagonists, but Leon Kennedy is my favorite.
  • Leon has the opportunity to return in future Resident Evil franchises.

As one of the oldest and best-selling franchises, Resident Evil has secured a special place in the hearts of many, thanks to its post-apocalyptic survival setting that blends into the action genre.

Over the past 25 years, with almost 10+ entries, Resident Evil has introduced a diverse array of iconic protagonists. To nobody’s surprise, this variety sparks debates among fans about who stands out as the best Resident Evil protagonist.

While opinions may vary widely on this topic, I have concluded that Leon Kennedy from Resident Evil 4 is the best protagonist in the franchise to date.

Why it matters: In a franchise as expansive as Resident Evil, each character brings a unique story and personality. Picking the best protagonist becomes a challenging task, given the distinctiveness of each character.

Leon’s Progression As A Character

Resident Evil 4 leon kennedy


Leon’s journey is a compelling one, evolving from a rookie cop first introduced in Resident Evil 2, experiencing a zombie outbreak on his first day, to becoming one of the top agents tasked by the US government with retrieving the president’s daughter in Resident Evil 4.

Each Resident Evil game delves into a different facet of Leon’s character. Resident Evil 2 showcases his survivalist instincts, while the fourth installment takes a more action-driven approach.

What makes Leon’s character truly stand out is his chemistry and compatibility with other characters. The series is known for featuring multiple protagonists, and Leon seamlessly collaborates with others.

Whether teaming up with Claire Redfield in Resident Evil 2 or partnering with Ada Wong and later rescuing Ashley Graham, the president’s daughter, in Resident Evil 4—there’s a noticeable charm to Leon’s character.

Throughout his growth, Leon maintains his charisma, evident in his humor, skill set, and occasional badass moments across the Resident Evil games. The recent remakes of both Resident Evil 2 and 4 further highlight his character through impeccable animations.

Leon being so influential shouldn’t be controversial. After all, he has such incredible feats, surviving Raccoon City’s outbreak on the first day of his job, rescuing the president’s daughter single-handedly, and mastering multiple fighting styles thanks to Krauser.

Overall, Leon has the most skill and brains out of any other Resident Evil protagonist. Aside from the games, Leon also appeared as the protagonist in 2022’s Resident Evil: Death Island movie.

He took the spotlight in a movie that was a surprisingly good adaptation and turned things around for the franchise. In a poll by Famitsu on Twitter, Leon also won as the best Resident Evil character by a significant margin.

Leon’s Potential Return

Leon has undoubtedly been the face of the Resident Evil franchise, featured in 7 entries, including canon, spin-offs, and even a multiplayer game. His last canon appearance in a new Resident Evil game was in 2012’s Resident Evil 6.

While Leon appeared in 2022’s RE: Verse, a multiplayer Resident Evil project, the question arises: Will Leon Kennedy return for future Resident Evil entries?

The answer is somewhat complex, but it leans towards a return. Already a fan favorite, his recent surge in popularity has propelled him back into the spotlight, and Capcom is likely to capitalize on this success.

Whether in a new entry of the franchise or a remake of Resident Evil 6, expected to come out in a few years, the return of Leon Kennedy seems imminent.

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