Mid-Sized Games Expected To Be Way Forward For AAA Industry

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  • According to Insomniac’s leaked presentation, mid-sized games require 1/3 the budget and 1/2 the development time of AAA titles.
  • Two mid-sized games can match the net sales of a single AAA title.
  • This leads to reduced financial pressure and potentially more diverse game experiences.

Insomniac’s leaked presentation from early 2022 uncovered interesting insights into the relationship between big-budget AAA and medium-sized games.

The main points highlighted that medium-sized games need much less money and time to develop compared to the biggest AAA titles. Therefore, this may be the clear path for AAA studios.

Why it matters: Releasing more mid-sized games would boost the number of titles available, leading to higher earnings. The studios can also freely experiment and take creative chances with such projects.

Insomniac Games Leaked Presentation

Recently, Bethesda confirmed that Hi-Fi Rush inspired the studio to take more risks in the future. This example illustrates the importance of AA games that rely on creativity instead of production values alone.

It looks like Insomniac and other studios might do the same. Insomniac’s thought process that medium-sized games need one-third of the budget and half the development time compared to AAA titles challenges the usual industry standards.

This cost-effectiveness makes medium-sized games an attractive option for game developers currently struggling. On a 1:2 ratio, two mid-sized games can be developed within 3 years compared to 5 years of one AAA game.

This can solve many of the industry’s current problems. The presentation pointed out an interesting fact โ€“ two medium-sized games can bring in similar net sales as one big-budget AAA game.

For instance, Spider-Man Miles Morales and Ratchet & Clank have the potential to rival the projected net sales of Spider-Man 2.

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

Furthermore, adding a third medium-sized game might even outpace the sales of a AAA title. This urges a close look at the industry’s usual focus on blockbuster AAA launches.

Insomniac’s leaked presentation makes us wonder where game development is headed. With Spider-Man 2 costing $315 million, some are hoping for a shift toward more manageable AA projects.

This mirrors a growing feeling in the gaming community about the sustainability of AAA titles. Perhaps it’s time for Insomniac to take the plunge amidst reports of Sony forcing development budget reductions.

The slides proposed a practical strategy for major studios. This could also be a viable alternative to developers chasing GaaS titles as a source of sustainable development since the goal is to boost game production, broaden portfolios, and reduce financial risks.

Yet, there are worries about possible franchise fatigue and the necessity for fresh approaches to keep player interest high.

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