PlayStation Considering Infamous Second Son PC Port

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Revealed By Nixxes Employee Who Leaked Ghost of Tsushima Port!

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  • A major leak from January revealed multiple popular PlayStation exclusives making their way to the PC platform.
  • The leaker also mentioned Sony’s plans to move towards earlier titles and specifically mentioned Infamous Second Son.
  • Now that Ghost of Tsushima has been officially revealed, the likelihood of Infamous Second Son coming to PC seems even higher.

Sony has increased its focus on PC ports in recent years, and many of its games have proven to be major successes on the platform. Titles like Helldivers 2 and God of War have performed exceptionally well, bolstering Sony’s presence beyond the console market.

Back in January, we learned from a major leak on 4chan that Sony was actively working on PC ports for several titles, including The Last Of Us Part 2 and Ghost of Tsushima. The latter has just proven to be accurate.

This leaker also stated that Sony was considering exploring its earlier games. According to the source, Infamous Second Son could be receiving a PC port.

Why it matters: Sony is actively pursuing PC gaming, but the gaming giant has not paid much attention to older titles from past generations of PlayStation.

PlayStation PC Ports
Image via 4Chan

It appears the leaker’s claims were accurate, as Sony has officially announced the port of Ghost of Tsushima for PC recently, and The Last Of Us Part 2 port is also rumored for this year.

The leaker claimed to be a Nixxes Sofware employee. This same team is involved in the porting process, and while the leaker’s relationship with Nixxes Software remains to be confirmed, his credibility is no longer questionable.

Sony’s decision to increase focus on much older titles like Infamous Second Son could be a significant move for the future. These games have been highly sought after by PC players since their original release but were never made available on the platform.

Despite its release in 2014 for the PS4, Infamous Second Son still boasts breathtaking graphics and captivating gameplay that could generate significant excitement within the PC community.

At the same time, it would allow Sony to maximize profits on the platform.

Infamous Second Son
Infamous Second Son Is Still Breathtaking On PS4 And PS5

If Sony is indeed prioritizing older games, one title that fans have been eagerly awaiting is Bloodborne. Its absence on PC has been a point of frustration for many, and bringing it to the platform could satisfy a long-standing demand among players.

Similarly, we believe the older Infamous games, among other PlayStation hits from the PS3, are worth bringing over to modern platforms.

The announcement of major ports for PC has generated excitement among PC players, but it has also sparked discontent among some fans. Many have expressed feelings of betrayal and have called for a boycott in response to the recent Ghost of Tsushima PC port reveal.

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