Immortals of Aveum Runs At Upscaled 720p/60FPS On PS5 and Series X

Xbox Series S Renders At 436p Resolution!

Immortals of Aveum boasts Unreal Engine 5 for gorgeous visuals, using lumen and nanite for impressive lighting. However, these Unreal Engine 5 features come at a cost, and the console release highlights that the industry may not be ready for such features yet.

According to testing from Digital Foundry, Immortals of Aveum renders as low as 720p to achieve 60FPS on the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Why it matters: Sony and Microsoft hoped to target 4K resolution for the PS5 and Xbox Series X in 2020. However, each new release highlights that this goal may have been overly ambitious.

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The team reports Immortals of Aveum renders at a native 1280×720 resolution on both the Xbox Series X and PS5.

Multiple shots display the exact same render resolution, suggesting that no dynamic resolution scaling is in place for the Unreal Engine 5 title. This resolution is then upscaled to 4K using FSR 2.1.

However, the internal resolution is already so low that upscaling to 4K does not produce a very sharp image. Over on the budget Xbox console, the resolution takes another hit, dropping below 720p.

The Xbox Series S renders at 768×436 resolution, which is then upscaled to 4K using FSR 2.1. Upscaling is of little help when the internal resolution is below 720p, and this is apparent in parts with motion, with the game displaying noise and shimmering.

Since the game scales output based on the display resolution, FSR 2.1 can also upscale to 1080p, which would be considered the equivalent of the FSR 2.1 Quality preset for the Xbox Series X and PS5. Unsurprisingly, this does little to address the overall image quality issues.

On the brighter side, Immortals of Aveum targets 60FPS across consoles.

Immortals of Aveum

Despite this target, Immortals of Aveum exhibits drops to as low as 40FPS on PS5 during the more intensive moments with large amounts of enemies and spell effects on the screen.

This also holds true for Xbox Series X, but the Xbox Series S can find itself in the low 30s during the most intensive parts of the game. Surprisingly, this is a rarity for the budget console, and its visual compromises provide a smoother experience than the PS5 and Xbox Series X in most cases.

Immortals of Aveum is not the only release in 2023 to push the PS5 and Xbox Series X to their limits.

Games like Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and Final Fantasy 16 have shown similar drops in render resolutions to meet a consistent frame rate target, perhaps highlighting that gaming technology is evolving too fast for the current-generation consoles to keep up.

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