Hogwarts Legacy Reaches 24 Million Sales Milestone

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  • Hogwarts Legacy has been the biggest release of last year.
  • Warner Bros has confirmed that the game sold over 24 million units.
  • It was the most profitable release for the publisher in 2023.

Hogwarts Legacy was the top-selling new release last year. With the game becoming the first non-Rockstar/COD game since 2008 to achieve this title in the US, its success was astounding, to say the least.

By December, Hogwarts Legacy had sold around 22 million units worldwide. One month later, an additional 2 million units have been sold, bringing the total number of copies sold to 24 million.

Why it matters: The game was snubbed at The Game Awards. Many believe this should not have been the case due to its sales figures alone.

Hogwarts Legacy

In a recent interview with Variety, publisher Warner Bros addressed multiple aspects of its business, including last year’s most profitable release.

While discussing the top 3 most profitable games, it pointed to Game of Thrones, Hogwarts Legacy, and Mortal Kombat 1. The latter has now sold over 3 million units, while the Harry Potter title’s success is already quite visible to everyone.

Warner Bros states this wizarding adventure has kept players busy for over 707 million hours. However, with new content on the way, this figure could soon reach new heights.

Avalanche Software is gearing up to release previously exclusive PlayStation content for everyone soon. This includes the likes of the Hogsmeade Shop, which will arrive for everyone in summer 2024.

More new features are also being added to Hogwarts Legacy soon.

Hogwarts Legacy

According to Warner Bros, Harry Potter is considered a billion-dollar gaming franchise for the publisher. This makes it just as valuable as Game of Thrones, which thrives in the industry thanks to mobile gaming.

Therefore, this release is just the beginning, with more games planned to capitalize on the existing market.

Following the title’s success, it has been reported that the developers are already working on a sequel.

This sequel, while still a few years away, should bring various changes to elevate the current formula. We hope to see Quidditch as a primary focus, in addition to changes like more varied enemies and combat for the next game.

Elsewhere, the publisher plans to expand Harry Potter into a series of various games, expanding it beyond the Hogwarts Legacy IP.

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