Hogwarts Legacy Boycott Was A Complete Failure In 2023

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Boycott Seems To Have Had The Opposite Impact!

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  • Hogwarts Legacy faced a serious challenge in the form of a boycott right from its inception.
  • The boycott ultimately proved unsuccessful and may have even contributed positively to the game’s performance on the market.
  • The title prevailed as the best-selling release of 2023 despite such strong opposition.

Hogwarts Legacy soared to remarkable success upon its release, quickly establishing itself as the best Harry Potter game to date despite encountering various challenges along the way.

One significant challenge it encountered was an initial boycott linked to its association with J.K. Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter series, stemming from controversy surrounding her views.

However, the boycott ultimately proved ineffective and may have benefited the game by generating publicity it was not aiming for.

Why it matters: Hogwarts Legacy was the first Harry Potter game in many years. Having to face this boycott put it at an instant disadvantage compared to the competitive market of 2023, putting all odds against it.

The boycott was unfounded from the start, given that while J.K. Rowling’s creation inspired the game, she had no involvement in its development. Hogwarts Legacy stood as an independent entity, separate from Rowling’s personal views.

The boycotters seemed to have overlooked Rowling’s lack of involvement in the game’s development, using it as an opportunity to criticize her without acknowledging the efforts of the game developers.

The boycotters went to great lengths to try to impact the game’s success, even including harassing streamers who were playing the game, but ultimately, their efforts were unsuccessful.

Such scenarios highlight that the discourse on social media and online communities typically exists within a bubble. Most people outside vocal social media communities were not aware of the boycott.

Once certain groups began harassing streamers and content creators for playing the game, Hogwarts Legacy received even more attention, and the narrative began to shift.

The players were all that mattered, and they demonstrated their appreciation for the game. Hogwarts Legacy swiftly gained popularity across all platforms and achieved impressive sales figures.

One year later, Hogwarts Legacy has surpassed 24 million units sold globally, emerging as the top-selling title of 2023 worldwide. Additionally, it claimed the title of the most searched game in 2023 and has amassed over $1 billion in revenue.

Hogwarts Legacy
Hogwarts Legacy Became An Early Hit In 2023

Despite its remarkable achievements, Hogwarts Legacy was notably absent from nominations in any category at The Game Awards 2023, disappointing many fans. However, this oversight did not diminish the game’s success and acclaim.

With its unprecedented success, Hogwarts Legacy has established a high benchmark for upcoming Harry Potter games. Since a sequel is allegedly in development, I am eagerly anticipating the next chapter of this journey.

There are many things I would like to see in the Hogwarts Legacy sequel, but Quidditch should be one of the top priorities, in my opinion.

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