Helldivers 2 Dominated February 2024 As Highest Grossing Game

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21 Million Hours Also Spent By Viewers Watching Helldivers 2!

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  • Helldivers 2 has remained unchallenged among live-service games this year.
  • Analysts concluded that it was the highest-grossing game last month.
  • Millions have also watched the game across YouTube and Twitch.

Helldivers 2 was released just last month, and the game has already achieved so much in just a short time. From becoming the biggest PC PlayStation launch to selling over 8 million copies, this co-op shooter has done it all.

Continuing the theme of its success, Helldivers 2 reportedly became February’s highest-grossing game, becoming the sixth most-played PC/PS5 title in February 2024.

Why it matters: While most live service titles fail to impress people, Helldivers 2 proves that good content is always the key to success.

Helldivers 2
Arrowhead Game Studios Has Had A Wild Journey So Far

A new report from Newzoo, a game market research company, has revealed that Helldivers 2 was unbeatable last month.

It has been reported that Helldicvers 2 was ranked the 15th most-played game outside its genre. The top markets by MAU (monthly active users) ended up being the UK and the USA.

The co-op shooter has found more success on PS5 than on PC, as it was reported that the game ranked third on PS5 and sixth on PC in the shooter genre. While this was already very impressive, the analysis outlines that players spent an average of 20.2 hours on Helldivers 2.

4.8% of all the players on PS5/PC users played Helldivers 2 last month. Considering a platform like Steam alone has over 34 million users, this percentage share opened up the game up to millions of players.

Helldivers 2 Featured
Helldivers 2 Proves Not All Live Service Titles Are Bad

Not only have players spent hours upon hours playing the game, but they have also spent a huge amount of time watching it.

It has been reported that people spent over 21 million hours watching Helldivers 2 streams across different platforms like Kick, YouTube, and Twitch, making it the 17th most-watched game last month and seventh in the shooter genre.

Last month was extraordinary for Helldivers 2 as it gathered over 200K positive reviews on Steam.

We believe this success is the result of the developers prioritizing the base game over live service elements. This approach will ensure Helldivers 2 ends up being more than just a flavor of the month and continues to thrive well beyond its first month.

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